Suvendu Adhikari bats for CAA again Pipa News

Suvendu Adhikari bats for CAA again

News Daily Digital Desk: Again, everyone is happy with CAA-NRC. His message to the Matuas from the Nabadwip meeting on Saturday is that this law will be implemented soon. At the same time he targeted the Chief Minister of the state. The opposition party leader complained that Matuas have to face questions about their identity when they work in foreign states. This is not the case with other nationals. However, Suvendu Adhikari alleged that the Chief Minister of Bengal is preventing the implementation of this law. However, Trinamool has hit back at BJP on this issue. In their words, “Everybody can be confused once or twice. But can’t always be confused. The Matuas know that Mamata Banerjee has stood by them through thick and thin. So they will also be by Mamata’s side.”

At the beginning of the meeting in Nabadwip, Subhendu Adhikari said that he will mainly talk about the CAA. Shuvendu explained the usefulness of CAA-NRC throughout the meeting. BJP leader’s complaint, Chief Minister said, what is the need of CAA? We are all citizens. As migrant workers, when our Matua friends have to go abroad for jobs, get visas, passports, go to relative’s house in Bangladesh, then why does the DIB (Director of Intelligence Bureau) office want the document of 71? It is not required of others!” Shuvendu said that the central government wants to introduce CAA to erase this difference. At the same time, he claimed, “We are hopeful, we will not have to wait much longer.” CAA will come into effect soon.

[আরও পড়ুন: ‘রাজ্যের পাওনা আটকে রেখেছে কেন্দ্র, তাই সমস্যা হচ্ছে’, বকেয়া DA নিয়ে দাবি তৃণমূলের]

Subvendu targeted Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee for mispronouncing Matua Dharmaguru’s name. The Chief Minister claimed from various public meetings that he treated the elder mother of Matua community. The leader of the opposition party also denied that claim. His clear message, “Treatment has been done in the government hospital. At government expense. Chief Minister’s demand for Rs. At the same time, he claimed that the Chief Minister’s claim about Barama’s treatment is very low taste.

On this day, however, Trinamool State General Secretary and spokesperson Kunal Ghosh reversed Shuvendu. “Mamata Banerjee used to respect Vinapani Devi like her own mother,” said the opposition leader as a ‘wanderer’. Various development works for the Matuas have taken root there.”

[আরও পড়ুন: ‘কোরান ও পরমাণু বোমা হাতে সাহায্য চান, ফেরাবে না’, পাকিস্তানকে বাঁচাতে আজব উপদেশ নেতার]

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