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Syedan ​​color bandits take hostages of family members and escape by stealing money and valuables

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Kaler Syedan​​​​(correspondent) Masamat Nishtha Kausar Sukna Kaler Syedan​​​​while registering the case said that I was sleeping at home with my wife Mehwish Parveen and the children when I opened the door. when someone knocked on the door around. 11:30 pm so there were three masked people with modern weapons standing outside and who forced their way into our house and grabbed me by the neck and nailed me to the wall whereupon the accused Nadeem got angry and started torturing her Pointed her against the wall at gunpoint On the other hand, the accused took my sister from the other room and made her sit with me, while the third unknown accused us of the locks and hinges of the iron bars box located in the storage room of the house and took the valuables, including the preacher’s money worth Rs Oras. The police are busy investigating.

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