Tailor murder case in Udaipur: NIA orders probe: Dinamani

The Union Home Ministry has ordered the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) to probe the murder of Tailkar, who posted on social media in support of former BJP spokesperson Nubu Chama in Rajasthan.

Tailor Kannaiya Lal lives in Udaipur, Rajasthan. Eva, who was arrested for posting a testimonial post about Islam on social media, was released on bail on June 15. It is said that the Islamic Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, had posted on social media in support of Nubu ‘Sam, who spoke in a sarcastic manner about the Prophet.

Meanwhile, Iruva went to his shop in Thanmandi area of ​​Udaipur on Tuesday and beheaded Kannaiya Lala. He videotaped the murder and posted it on social media. In another video released by them, Kannaiya claimed that Lal had been beheaded. The assassins, who claimed to have insulted Kannaiya Lal for insulting Islam, also threatened Prime Minister Modi. They also alluded to the name of Nubu Chama.

A special investigation team has been set up by the Rajasthan Police to nab the killers following the incident. The Special Investigation Team (SIT) arrested the killers in Rajsamand area of ​​the state. Initial investigations revealed that their names were Riyaz Akhtari and Khelas Mohammad.

Riyaz Akhtari posted a video on social media on June 17. In it, she foretold, “I will release a video that will cut off the heads of those who speak against the Prophet.”

In this context, the Union Home Ministry spokesperson said in a Twitter post, “The Union Home Ministry has ordered an NIA inquiry into the murder of Kannaiya Lal.”

Considering the murder of Kannaiya Lal as a terrorist incident, is there any organization or international connection behind that murder? The NIA has been ordered to investigate.

Meanwhile, curfew has been imposed in the restricted areas of 7 police stations in Udaipur. Internet service has been cut off across the state.

‘Contact with Pakistan’

Rajasthan Police DGP ML Lato said on Wednesday, “Five people have been arrested so far in connection with the murder of Kannaiya Lal, including Riyaz Akhtari and Kelas Mohammad.” Among them is Ghals Mohammad, who is affiliated with the Dawad-e-Islami organization in Pakistan. She went to Karachi in 2014. ”

Preliminary investigations suspect that Riyaz Akhtari and Ghales Mohammad may have been influenced by the ISIS terrorist organization.


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