Tamil Nadu: About Rs 175 crore scam through online loan app alone Pipa News


Tamil Nadu: About Rs 175 crore scam through online loan app alone

According to the police, in the last one and a half years in Tamil Nadu, people have lost about 175 crores of rupees in internet scams.

There are many fraudulent micro companies operating online as mini finance. Starting from around Rs.5000 thousand and up to lakhs, the environment of giving loans is increasing through the internet, saying that they give loans immediately and it is given easily in two or three steps.

People also buy without much fuss and then end up suffering. And just by clicking on a link they provide, the loan forms are instantly activated. After that people are forced to pay the loan even if they say no. Apart from that, there are also companies that can extort money by increasing the interest rate publicly for some reasons.


In that way, the Tamil Nadu Police has released shocking information that the public has lost up to Rs. 175 crores in online app scams in the last one and a half years.

Stalin, who met the media at Ashok Nagar in Chennai, said that cybercrimes are continuously increasing. He said that in the last one and a half years, people have lost 175 crore 19 lakh 55 thousand rupees in online fraud, of which 33 crore 45 lakh rupees have been frozen and 9 crore 8 lakh rupees have been recovered.


He also said that 90% of the criminals involved in cyber crimes are out of state or abroad, so it is difficult to recover the money and approach the criminals.