Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn got closer while on vacation in the tropics

Taylor Swift and Joe Alvin get closer

  • Swift and Alvin were seen surfing in the Caribbean on Sunday.
  • The couple is living in Lenny Kravitz’s Airstream trailer.
  • It comes two weeks after Swift’s appearance at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Taylor Swift is having a blast with Joe Alvin on his way to the Bahamas.

According to Page Six, the couple was spotted surfing in the Caribbean on Sunday. According to the site, the couple is staying in Lenny Kravitz’s Airstream trailer.

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Two weeks after Taylor Swift’s performance at the Tribeca Film Festival, stars who usually keep their personal lives out of the spotlight created the perfect image as they piled on PDA while showing their affection for one another.

Swift said in her short film all very well“I’m really the secret agent—people have no idea what we’re making when we make this up.”

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“So everything was code words, and writing things in code that only a few people knew. … I’m so weird with things like this,” she added.


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