tdp to release their manifesto on dussera of 2023 due to certain reasons ak Pipa News

tdp to release their manifesto on dussera of 2023 due to certain reasons ak

Telugu Desam Party’s election manifesto has been finalized. The party is gearing up to launch the Dussehra Meni Festo this year. TDP is planning to prepare the manifesto without any problem even if there are early elections. This manifesto will become very important for the 2024 elections. TDP will make a manifesto in that direction to convert various sections to its side. Especially with the welfare of the poor, farmers and youth are being drafted as the standard. TDP, which is fully studying the shortcomings of the welfare schemes currently being implemented, hopes to provide them better to the people. TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu has already made a clear statement regarding welfare. They have given double welfare guarantees while strongly countering the propaganda of the ruling party.

The party leaders are of the opinion that the newly prepared manifesto will be in that direction. TDP will mainly target the youth and farmers in this election. Efforts are being made to support the farmers by fighting in various forms. Now the idea is to provide this scheme even better to the youth and give them full opportunities for skill training. And the TDP leader, who wishes for the upliftment of the poor, is preparing a special plan for this.

In the manifesto, schemes will be launched to improve the living standards of the poor and provide financial self-sufficiency. Also, women’s world will also be given high priority. In the manifesto, Dwakra will show the government’s commitment to provide financial assistance and other credit facilities to women. There are chances of TDP taking a key decision on social security pensions as well. They are thinking of making huge changes in the pensions of the elderly, widows and disabled people.

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In this process, the election manifesto prepared by TDP is of the opinion that it will be the most important. Mainly, plans are being prepared to have programs and schemes that are similar to the welfare schemes currently being offered by the ruling YCP. Party leaders say that TDP chief Chandrababu is likely to make a key announcement on the Mahanadu platform. After this announcement, TDP will start the election activities in Rajahmundry on 27th and 28th of this month.

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