Tejaswita Baruah : Child Artist Tejaswita Baruah’s News Mail Pipa News

Tejaswita Baruah : Child Artist Tejaswita Baruah’s News Mail

On the untimely death of child artiste Tejaswita Varua, your office at Ganeshgu held a press conference. Your leader’s claim that the death of artists is due to the negligence of doctors is true.

The leaders of the parties raised the question that why there is a lack of oxygen in the hospitals at the district level or that there were not enough doctors in the hospitals.
If there is oxygen, why don’t you wear a mask?

According to the AAP leader, Chief Minister Dr. Himanta Biswa Sharma has failed in improving the health system. The Health Minister and the Chief Minister are demanding that the people of Assam be reassured.

The parties demanded an investigation into why the district hospital was being run without oxygen cylinders.

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