Telangana CM KCR: CM KCR’s focus on these three states is a strategy to compete in the elections

Telangana CM KCR has been focusing on national politics for years. In this order, he received the slogan of Jai Bharat along with Jai Telangana. No matter what assembly is held, they criticize the central government and point out national problems. It has been spreading for many days that he will go to national politics… Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS)… Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) is forming However, it seems that CM KCR has taken a key decision with the aim of influencing national politics. It is reported that there is no particular focus on the three states where elections will be held soon. It is being spread that a strategy is being written on contesting elections in Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh and Karnataka.

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CM KCR wants to contest in these three state elections. As the TRS party is present in Telangana, they are planning to field independent candidates in Gujarat, Himachal and Karnataka. It is reported that they want to campaign in support of the leaders of the farmers’ associations of the respective states. Currently BJP is in power in all these three states. What kind of schemes are there in those states? How are BJP’s anti-people decisions? They are planning to campaign for the elections by exploiting the BJP’s failure at the centre. They are going to campaign in this election so that there is a nationwide discussion on the schemes being implemented in Telangana. In the past, BJP leaders campaigned at the national level in the name of Gujarat model. Now it seems that CM KCR is planning to bring the Telangana model to the screen as a counter to them.

It seems that CM KCR’s plan is to raise a new debate among the people by going there himself and campaigning, regardless of the victory of the farmers’ leaders’ candidates in the respective states. Farmers from 26 states visited Telangana recently. Discussions were held for two days at Pragati Bhavan. On this occasion, officials explained to them about Rythubandhu, Rythu Bima, Dalitbandhu, 24 hours free electricity for agriculture, opposition to meters for motors, irrigation facility, construction of kallalas in villages, farmers’ platforms etc. CM KCR said that the farmers union leaders are of the opinion that the schemes being implemented in Telangana are good. He claimed to have been invited into national politics. It is in this order that CM KCR hopes to campaign against the Lotus Party in the elections of BJP-ruled states.

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