telangana politics A survey report which gives edge to trs in the name of prashant kishor goes viral in social media

The BJP has been focusing heavily on Telangana for some years. Dubaka by-elections, GHMC elections, Huzurabad by-elections, the TRS has been hard hit by the lotus …. is trying hard to maintain the same josh. The state BJP led by Bandi Sanjay is very active. Bandi Sanjay has already done a padayatra in Telangana in two installments under the name Praja Sangrama Yatra. The TRS is trying to narrow down the government whenever possible. Making concerns on behalf of the people. The national level BJP leaders also focused on Telangana seriously. BJP national president Jepinada and Home Minister Amit Shah toured the state during the Bundy Sanjay Padayatra. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Modi also toured the city. Although it is a government program .. exceptionally addressing a welcome meeting of BJP workers in Begumpet .. the CM heaped harsh criticism on KCR. If there is freedom from family rule … Telangana will improve, he said.

The party leaders expressed optimism that the people of Telangana want change and that the BJP is the absolute authority in the coming elections. BJP is making it clear that the alternative to TRS in Telangana. In this order, one of the things that turned the party upside down came out. Leading election strategist Prashant Kishore is known to be working for the TRS in Telangana. What are the current conditions at the field level? Conduct a survey to find out who people are on. If Telangana elections are held now .. the report said that the TRS party will come back to power. According to the survey, the campaign is going on to form a government of its own without having to depend on other parties. The BJP, which has been making good strides in Telangana recently, will have to settle for third place, PK said in his report.

Prashant Kishore has revealed that the Congress party is in the second position in Telangana …. there will be stiff competition from that party to the TRS. The BJP, however, is far from the two parties. The BJP is in a position where it can not compete with any of its rivals … In many places, candidates are not even likely to get deposits. The survey, which is going viral under the name of PK, is not being swallowed by the BJP cadre. For Kamal Nath, who is expressing his displeasure that the authority is not there .. Opinions are being expressed that this survey is very shocking. However, the BJP leaders have made it clear that no matter how bad the propaganda is, no one can stop the BJP from winning the upcoming elections.

PK, on ​​the other hand, said in his report that long-time senior leaders and people were dissatisfied with the performance of the MLAs. Information that makes it clear what needs to change them. Dissatisfaction seems to be commonplace everywhere … indicating that party factions are less focused … less dissatisfied with hard work. If new pensions and ration cards are granted, it will be a great plus for TRS. And in fact, in the name of PK on social media .. This survey tribe is going viral.

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