Tesla postpones entry into India, its cars will not be launched in the country at present: report

Tesla postpones entry into India, its cars will not be launched in the country at present: report

Tesla blocks entry into India: For some time now, the market has been heating up in India with the entry of Tesla, the world’s most popular electric-car maker. It is well known that Tesla, owned by Elon Musk, has been working hard for the last few years to make its debut in India. But it looks like the company wants to take a break from these efforts for a while.

Yes! In fact, according to reports, Tesla has postponed its plans to launch its electric car in India.

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News Agency, one of Reuters Report According to sources, the company may take some more time to launch in India.

You may be wondering why a company that has been trying to start work in India as soon as possible after some discussions with government officials has suddenly taken such a decision.

The answer is also given in the report. According to sources, Tesla plans to allow the Indian government to sell cars made in China and the US in India with lower import duties.

But the Indian government has already made it clear that the reduction in import tax will be considered only when Tesla starts manufacturing its cars by setting up a manufacturing plant in India.


Although the two sides have been discussing the import tariff for a long time, no solution has been found between Tesla’s representatives and Indian government officials.

And now in the face of such confusion, Tesla has decided to give a little break to its plans to launch electric cars in India right now.

Tesla puts India’s entry plan on hold: Why is the issue of import duty important?

You may be wondering why the issue of import duty in India is so important for Tesla. Up to 100% import duty is levied on vehicles entering the country from abroad.

Elon Musk has openly objected to this.

In August last year, it was reported that the Indian government could reduce import duty on electric cars costing $ 40,000 (approximately 29.7 million) or less from 60% to 40%. Also, for electric cars costing more than 40,000, import duty can be reduced from 100% to 60%. To date, however, no concrete role has been played in this regard.

However, there is no official statement from Tesla regarding the postponement of the admission plan. Tesla has also reportedly stopped looking for space for its showrooms and service centers in some of the country’s major cities, including New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.


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