The aim of the Congress party is to make the farmers debt free: Bhubaneswar Singh Hooda

The aim of the Congress party is to make the farmers debt free: Bhubaneswar Singh Hooda

The Congress party has called for legislation to give less support to agricultural crops. Former Haryana Chief Minister Bhubaneswar Singh Hooda said at a party ‘new commitment’ consultative meeting in Udaipur that the party aims to make farmers more debt-free.

The 2nd day of the Congress Party’s ‘Thinking Pledge for New Commitment’ (Nav Sankalp Sindhan Shiva) was held in Udaipur, Rajasthan on Saturday. Hooda is the organizer of a panel discussion on agriculture and farmers’ issues in this think tank. Bhubaneswar Singh Hooda briefed the media on the key issues before the panel. She said:

The Congress party will vehemently oppose any move by the federal government to repeal the three repealed agricultural laws. Their group discussed the law on minimum support price guarantees for farmers, the impact of climate change on agriculture, the ‘poor’ implementation of the bio-insurance scheme by the government and the non-proper implementation of capital-credit to agriculture.

The National Agricultural Debt Relief Commission should be set up to address the credit crunch of farmers. It is a proposal to settle agricultural debts through compromise and negotiation, as is the case with industrial loans. I have to recommend this.

Banks should come forward to consider agriculture on par with industry.

The purpose of Congress is to make farmers debt-free by waiving the debt system or exempting them from these demands. How to implement this is to make the Minimum Support Price (MSP) a legal guarantee for farmers.

This is the demand of all agricultural unions. This is what Congress wants too.

That too should be MSP based on the C-2 formula of the MS Swaminathan Commission and it should be extended to all agricultural products.

The BJP-led National Democratic Front government promised to double the income of farmers, but instead doubled their debt.

As on March 31, 2014, farmers owed Rs 9.64 lakh crore. At present it has doubled to Rs 16.8 lakh crore. But the central government did not provide relief to the farmers.

At the same time, the Congress-led state governments have been writing off farmers’ debts from time to time and resolving their problems as much as possible.



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