The City of Kingston is investigating the construction of an aquatic facility at the InVista Center – Kingston

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A large indoor aquatic center is back on the front burner at City Hall in Kingston, Ont.

It has been more than a decade since politicians entered this debate.

This week, a committee will hear on a time and cost to build a swimming facility next to the InVista Center, but it is unclear whether the council is ready to take advantage of it.

There is already a count in the potential aquatic center in the west end of the city. Simon Chappelle’s Approval.

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“Of course the InVista Center was designed with futuristic plans for the pool and we live in an area that is close to the Land of Lakes, so to speak. Near Lake Ontario. Every child deserves to learn to swim. Opportunities must be found,” Chappell said.

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Some sort of aquatic center appears to have the support of some western edge residents.

“It would be nice for kids like me and even adults to get some exercise. There really isn’t much to swim in here; He Y. shut down[MCA] A few years ago,” said Kingston resident Debbie Gilmour.

Kingston resident Everett Esselstein said, “I’m going to the InVista Center right now to go to the gym and going to the pool and swimming a little bit would be a big bonus for me as well.”

Part of a comprehensive report going to the municipality’s Arts and Recreation Committee details a 25-metre competitive pool, change rooms and a leisure pool that looks similar to the water park at the Memorial Centre.

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Those features are based on previous discussions and reports from 2010.

The cost to build an aquatic center has been updated to 2022 prices and comes in at over $55 million including study, design and construction.

If the project goes ahead, the aquatic center is expected to open around 2029.

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Chappelle says his only criticism of the project is that he wants to see the aquatic center built soon.

“It’s too far. Member [Lisa] Osanik has raised this issue before and we have a report to come back to the council on how to bring it forward in our plans, so I hope it becomes a reality during the council’s next term,” Chappelle said.

If approved by the committee and then the council, employees estimate that the entire process, including public consultation, design and construction, could take up to four years.

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