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The court allowed Imran Khan to appear and go back

Additional Sessions Judge Zafar Iqbal allowed Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan to return from the judicial complex after making his appearance in the court in the Tosha Khana case.

Additional Sessions Judge Zafar Iqbal heard the Tosha Khana criminal case in the judicial complex. Despite the end of court hours, Imran Khan could not appear in front of the judge.

Meanwhile, Babar Awan filed another petition on behalf of Imran Khan requesting that Imran Khan be present at the gate outside the complex. Attendance should be done at the gate itself.

The court sent its staff to the gate and ordered Imran Khan to appear in the car.

There was an adjournment during the hearing of the case. After the break, the court allowed Imran Khan to sign at the gate itself. The judge said that once the attendance is done, then Imran Khan can go back. The judge said that he wants to end the current situation.

The judge asked the lawyer what do you think about the indictment against Imran Khan?

Lawyer Khawaja Haris replied that the indictment takes place when it is decided to be cognizable. Can’t charge today. The court has to decide on our request for admissibility. The case is adjourned next week. During the hearing, the deputy court informed the court that signatures are not allowed. The court summoned DIG Islamabad immediately.

The court canceled the arrest warrant of Imran Khan in the Tosha Khana case and adjourned the hearing of the case till March 30.

Earlier, when Imran Khan reached Islamabad from Lahore via Motorway, a large number of workers were with him. The workers raised slogans and they had sticks.

On the occasion of Imran Khan’s appearance, the workers tried to enter the judicial complex, but the police stopped them. There was a fierce clash between the PTI workers and the police, and the area around the judicial complex began to present a battlefield. Petrol bombs were thrown at the police. Heavy shelling was done to stop the PTI workers outside the judicial complex while the workers were pelting stones. The workers broke the windows of the police vehicles.

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