The crooks who are carrying out 5 robbery incidents every month, the police arrested 19 accused in five months. Miscreants carrying out 5 robbery incidents every month, police arrested 19 accused in five months

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Only 25 cases of robbery have been registered during 5 months.

The spirits of miscreants are high in the district. The incidents of robbery are not taking the name of stopping here. On an average, miscreants are carrying out 5 incidents of robbery every month. However, in comparison to the last year 2021, the incidents of robbery in the district have been curbed. It is a matter of relief that in the last 5 months this year from January to May, 12 incidents of robbery have come down as compared to last year. According to police data, 37 cases of robbery were registered in the year 2021 from January to May, whereas this year only 25 cases of robbery have been registered during these 5 months.

Not only this, this year the police is trying hard to curb crimes with impunity. Last year, the police had arrested only 13 accused in robbery cases, challans in 7 cases and FR in 5 cases, while last year 25 cases were pending. But if you look at the figures of this year, in the last 5 months, the police has arrested 19 accused in robbery cases and sent them to jail. So far, challans have been presented in 6 cases, while FR has been imposed in 5 cases. At the same time, only 14 cases out of 25 are pending.

In this way, in more than half the cases, the police have completed their proceedings. In this regard, District Superintendent of Police Shyam Singh said that special arrangements have been made by the police to prevent the incidents of robbery, patrolling system has been made effective during day and night. Intensive checking campaign is being conducted.

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