The distress of cotton farmers.. White gold melting in the houses!– News18 Telugu Pipa News

The distress of cotton farmers.. White gold melting in the houses!– News18 Telugu

(K. Haribabu, News18, Rajanna siricilla)

Farmers in Rajanna Sirisilla District Center have stored large amount of cotton crop in their homes. Because white gold was stored in the houses with a small hope that the price will increase in the background of low price. Farmers say that due to this, children get skin diseases and old people get cough and dysentery.

It is expressed that the condition of tenant farmers has become very miserable. It must be said that the government has suffered a lot due to non-establishment of CCS, and the absence of CCS has become a boon for brokers. Farmers say that they have kept the cotton in their houses in the hope that the price will increase, but the weight of the cotton has decreased due to long days of storage and thus they are losing a lot of money.

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Rajanna Sirisilla District

Farmers say that this problem would not have happened if central and state governments had bought cotton at the right time. It must be said that the faces of the farmers who cultivated white gold are turning black as the price of cotton is falling day by day due to lack of proper price for cotton.

They say that they have invested a large amount of money expressing the hope that profits will come, but when the crop is ready, there is a situation where the cotton farmers are left with tears due to lack of proper price. We all know that the farmers cultivated the rice crop mostly in Rajanna Sirisilla district center. Agriculture department officials also say that the area under cultivation has increased than before.

Cotton farmers are expressing that they have lost a lot this time. At the time of cultivation of cotton crop, most of the loans were made and investments were made, the price of cotton dropped a lot at the time of selling cotton, and the cost of daily labor increased due to the effect of all these, the investment increased to a large extent.

Farmer Poreddy Narasiah stated that they lost everything in Mid Maneru and leased agricultural land in the surrounding villages to grow cotton crop and kept it in their houses to sell the crop if the price increases a little or if the price increases, but if the central state governments show mercy and increase the price of cotton, their problems will be solved.

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