The Dravidian model of governance is not anti-spiritual Pipa News

The Dravidian model of governance is not anti-spiritual

At Raja Annamalaipuram, Chennai, Chief Minister M. K. Stalin inaugurated the Vallalar Mupperum Festival organized by the Department of Hindu Religion and Charity. Vallalar- After releasing 200 flags, envelopes and special flowers, the Chief Minister said that the construction of Vallalar International Center at a cost of Rs 100 crore will start soon.

Speaking on the occasion, Chief Minister Stalin said, “The Dravida Model Government declared Periyar’s birthday as Social Justice Day and Ambedkar’s birth as Equality Day. It may come as a surprise to some, and perhaps even a shock, that this event is taking place.

The speaker also said that some people are portraying the DMK-led government as anti-spiritual. He also criticized that some people who can survive on religion, are living politically by cutting and sticking to what the DMK is talking about. The Chief Minister said that DMK is not against spirituality and said that it is against those who use spirituality for politics and their selfish interests. He said DMK is a party against those who teach high and low.

Following this, on behalf of the Hindu Religious Charities Department, the Chief Minister launched a year-round charity program.

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