The economic crisis is at its peak Pipa News

The economic crisis is at its peak

by district correspondent

Chakwal: Senior journalist Khwaja Babar Salim Mahmood said on Wednesday that the PDM has the last chance for Ishaq Dar to reach Pakistan. If the economic condition remains the same, the chances of an unfortunate accident increase. The main reason for the current deteriorating economic condition of the country is political instability, at this time governments have become completely symbolic and there is a state of uncertainty in the country due to which the genie of inflation has completely come out of the bottle and the common man in it. The difficulties have increased. People are facing problems and difficulties with each passing day and no bright streak is visible in the near future. He was speaking at the Live From Press Club studio. Program host Zulfikar Mir said that 30 million people of the country are submerged in floods, while load shedding of electricity and sui gas in Chakwal has made the life of common man more difficult, huge electricity bills have started coming. Again. It is a natural process to spread heartlessness and despair among people.

Religious scholar Pir Abdul Shakoor Naqshbandi said that the current situation needs improvement anyway, while it seems that the ruling circles in the country are not concerned about it and the non-Islamists. And non-Shariah bills are being brought which is a big joke with the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. He said the Federal Sharia Court has declared usury haram, but the ruling has not yet been implemented. He said that the only solution to our problems now is to implement the Islamic system. Senior journalist Khwaja Daniyal Salim said that the main reason for inflation is administrative weakness. Mandi Committee Chakwal fixes the price of vegetables and fruits daily, but action is not being taken on it. The prices of essential commodities have also been fixed by the district administration, but essential commodities are not available anywhere at these prices. He said that reform without severe punishment now seems impossible, as the whole system has become corrupt, inefficient and slow and all government departments created for the convenience of the people are creating difficulties for the people.

Senior journalist Raja Iftikhar Ahmed said that people are being given lollipops in electricity bills, government is playing cat-mouse game with the public, although fuel adjustment has been announced to be abolished but in the current electricity bills, it is being given again. has been introduced from. Senior anchor Abdul Khaliq Darwish said that the priorities of the government are different, due to which 10 crore people have migrated in the country of 22 crore and it has not been possible to provide them basic facilities. The rich are getting richer while the poor are getting poorer day by day. The present system has become old and stinky, so the governing boards must now think that in order to put this country on the right track, some S system should be designed with good intentions, so that eating twice a day is no big deal. Don’t be a problem Common man.


First published on Daily The Patriot after the economics crisis.

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