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The fierce lone cyclist faces Storm Isha on a hellish journey PiPa News

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The fierce lone cyclist faces Storm Isha on a hellish journey

A BOLD cyclist refused to let their journey be disrupted by brutal weather conditions as they braved Cyclone Isha on a ride along a rugged coastline.

The unidentified biker was caught on camera walking along the coast of the Isle of Man yesterday despite strong winds and torrential rain.

The brave individual ignored the danger of death warnings issued by the MET Office, instead braving the towering waves crashing against the seawall on their reckless bike ride.

The video shows the wind howling and the rain pouring down on an emergency vehicle that can be seen heading down the road, which is soaked by the waves crashing against the wall.

The car was surprised to be followed by a cyclist coming from the other direction, dressed in all black and wearing a helmet.

The cyclist ducked and plowed through giant puddles and veils of misty water that splashed across the road from the raging waves to their right.

Despite the conditions, the unknown man surprisingly managed to get ahead of the strong side wind, flying along the road and almost outrunning a giant wave crashing behind them.

The brazen biker heads down the road before disappearing behind a blanket of rain.

Footage continues of the camera operator recording the storm-battered beach that the cyclist was walking on.

Huge waves hit the sea wall and spray the road ahead as 90mph+ gusts of wind drive them onto the beach with great force.

Rain can be seen pelting the entire island as the person recording zooms out to get a wide shot of the storm’s impact.

The footage was shared on social media yesterday with the caption: “Storm Isha says hello to the Isle of Man. See the Darwin Award nominated cyclist.

The clip has already received nearly 500 likes and dozens of comments from social media users who were shocked by the cyclist’s bravery.

One user said: “How is the road allowed to open in those conditions? Bonkers.”

Another added: “A little adrenaline rush is a good thing, and he seems to know what he’s doing. It’s something to tell his kids.”

A third joked: “With that wind, he’ll be there in half the usual time. Coming back will be a different story. “

A fourth replied: “Are you trying to embarrass someone who is likely to go to or from work? Shame on you, bad job.”

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