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The film Hum Tum Aur Siya is a situational comedy, the story and dialogues will be remembered by the audience. DIRECTORS

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Ambreen Fatima (Naway Waqt representative) movie Hum Tum Aur Wah will be aired on Eid-ul-Fitr. The main cast of the film includes Junaid Khan and Amna Ilyas. The film’s director and writer Nauman Khan said in an exclusive conversation with Nawat Waqt that Hum Tum Aur Wa is a situational comedy, I wouldn’t call it a romantic comedy. Two things are important in a film, one is a good story and the other is dialogues. I keep this in mind and try to make the dialogues fresh and entertaining for the audience. From the first scene to the last scene, my focus remained on these things. He said that this movie is a gift for Pakistanis who have a feeling that good films are not made in Pakistan.

The director of the film added that in the film you can see the situational comedy in every scene. Regarding the casting of actor Junaid Khan in the film, he said I fell in love with Junaid Khan’s acting when I saw him in the film Khuda Aur Mohabbatein. I think that Junaid Khan is an under rated actor, his acting range has not been shown till now.
The duration of the film is one hour and forty two minutes. I have never done a long film.

Talking about Amina Ilyas, she said that when my project head suggested the name of Amina Ilyas and said that she is the best choice for our film, I told her to show her pictures, I saw that she Her modeling picture is very beautiful but if you Watch her dramas and movies, she doesn’t look good the way she should look. So my project head said that maybe the cameraman is not very pretty. We decided to cast Amina Ilyas, talked to her, did a make-up session, after that I told my DOP to compromise everything but not to compromise the beauty of Amina Ilyas, She wants to look beautiful in every scene .
In the movie, Amina Ilyas looks amazing from the first to the last scene, she looks different in every scene and maybe no one has seen her before.
Nauman Khan added that we have shown the beautiful locations of Pindi and Islamabad in the film, Nala Lai has been shot in a beautiful way. I admit that fans will not be disappointed after watching the film.

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