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The food delivery boy’s dirty work.. the teenage girl kisses.. the twist is..

If the girls are seen single, many lovers get excited. Atrocities are being committed against young women with some crookedness. Rape against women and girls is coming to light every day for various reasons. It can be said that women lack security in temple, school, bus stand, railway station and even at home. Incidents of atrocities taking place in the police station are also in the news. Governments brought Disha, Nirbhaya and POCSO Acts, but there is no change in the criminals. The incident of this category was in the news. Full details… A terrible incident took place in Pune, Maharashtra. A young woman placed a food order with the Zomato food app. Then a delivery boy came. He saw her being single. He asked for water to drink. He followed her as she entered the house. He forcibly grabbed her from behind and kissed her. Moreover, he misbehaved and ran away from there. The young lady was shocked in this incident. After a while she opened up and called another friend and told her about the atrocity.

Both of them filed a complaint against the Zomato delivery boy at the local police station. The officials who took up the investigation faced a twist. It was learned that the perpetrator was not a Zomato agent. Meanwhile, Zomato has replaced delivery with the Danzo app. In this, a 39-year-old Raees Shaikh entered the young woman’s house around 9.30 pm. He noticed that the young woman was single. He immediately assaulted her. The police arrested him and started investigation. Meanwhile, a shocking incident took place in Uttar Pradesh. A young woman was molested by a drunkard in Orai city of Jalaun district. This made her very angry. He spoke like a young woman in a drunken stupor. Attempted rape. He could not hear what the young woman said. So she brought her acquaintances. Kamandhu sat on the road in front of everyone. Apart from that.. she crushed him with a shoe. Kasithira was hit on the head with a sandal 40 times for about 20 seconds. With this, all the people there looked interestingly saying that it would be good. No one dares to stop the young woman. The video of this incident has now become viral on social media. After seeing this, the netizens are commenting saying, “Wow.. It’s going to hurt.. No one will fall for girls again if they watch this video.”

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