The government has announced new guidelines for tourists visiting Goa Pipa News


The government has announced new guidelines for tourists visiting Goa

Keeping in mind the privacy and safety of tourists in Goa, the government has announced new guidelines. Violation of these rules may result in a fine of thousands of rupees. It said permission must be sought before photographing tourists with or with them, especially when they are enjoying themselves in the sun, or frolicking in the sea. According to the government, this will respect the privacy of tourists.

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According to the new advisory, tourists will no longer be able to cook food in open places. A fine of up to 50 thousand will have to be paid for doing this. Strict action will also be taken against people who drink alcohol on the beach. The government has advised not to take selfies in hilly areas and dangerous places, so as to prevent accidents.

Advised to stay at Register Hotel

Apart from this, the Goa government has appealed to the tourists not to damage the historical buildings of Goa. Not only that, to avoid overcharging, taxi meter has been asked to rent. According to the guidelines, tourists coming to Goa have been advised to stay in hotels registered with the tourist department.

The advisory was announced on January 26

Let us tell you that a large number of tourists come to Goa every year. To whom fraud sells stolen bikes or cars for less money. According to the new guidelines, tourists are advised to beware of such people. This guideline has been announced by the Goa Tourist Department on January 26. The government says that their aim is to maintain the privacy of tourists. For their safety and protection from fraud.

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