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The groom caught by the police in a theft case! The bride married the groom’s brother

We all know that marriages in these cinemas are very exciting. There are many examples of police entering weddings in movies, bride’s ex-lover or groom’s ex-lover entering and stopping the wedding halfway. Thus we have seen scenes involving many exciting topics in the movies. Here also an incident happened like a movie.

In a small town of Aligarh in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, just when all the other wedding rituals were over, an unexpected incident took place at a wedding.

The police arrived at the wedding hall and arrested the groom.

All in all, a marriage that was supposed to be a happy one took a surprising and dramatic turn.

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On Monday, when the wedding ceremony was in full swing, the groom-to-be was taken away for questioning by the local police in the middle of the wedding, causing confusion in the marriage hall for some time.

The groom was taken into custody on suspicion of involvement in a local theft case, which shocked many at the wedding hall.

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Friends and family who had gathered to witness the couple’s wedding were momentarily stunned by the entry of the police and did not understand what was going on.

Brother of the groom who came forward to marry the bride

While the bride was eagerly waiting for the groom in the wedding hall, this unpleasant incident took place. Then the bride’s family and relatives, who were confused about what to do for some time, took an unexpected decision.

The elder brother of the groom, who was to be married, understood this situation and felt a sense of responsibility and offered to marry the bride.

It seems that the groom who was caught by the police was involved in a theft case.

The groom arrested by the police, identified as Faizal, is said to be involved in the theft of 35 crates of liquor and some items from a local liquor shop and canteen.

During the investigation, law enforcement officials recovered a motorcycle and a mobile phone from the crime scene. Police said that during the interrogation, Faisal himself admitted that he was directly involved in the theft.

Thus, it can be said that there are a lot of unpleasant incidents happening in marriage halls recently. Such incidents are now commonplace, so it should not be a big surprise that such incidents happened.

But in this incident, the bride had to leave the groom and marry the groom’s brother in the same marriage hall. Not only did this incident leave a lasting impression on the wedding ceremony, but it also got the wedding guests talking about fate, responsibility and the unexpected twists and turns that life can take.

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