The hearing of the case against General Musharraf begins after 10 years – daily Ausaf Pipa News


The hearing of the case against General Musharraf begins after 10 years – daily Ausaf

* Nationwide traders and Jamaat-e-Islami strike against electricity, petrol price rise Election Commission “Elections will be held next year anyway, publication of constituencies will be done on November 30 instead of December 16, elections in October are impossible” President Arif Alvi September 9 O Nawaz Sharif will come to Pakistan in October, Shahbaz Sharif O Prime Minister’s visit to Kenya canceled O LPG (domestic gas) 39 Increase in rupees per kg, Domestic cylinder Rs2833 O 34% increase in inflation last week, mash dal Rs527 kg O Supreme Court: The hearing of the petition against General Pervez Musharraf’s ban on going outside began after 10 years, Musharraf on February 5 (2023) in Dubai. Died in Miran Shah, North Waziristan, gunfight with terrorists, Pakistan Army Major and 3 soldiers martyred, 2 terrorists killed. Four years ago, the tragic incident with a woman on the Sialkot Motorway was dramatized. The whole incident happened. Strong protest of the woman and her family on the show, “Now the dramatists are treating me the same” painful appeal of the woman! The drama will be shown in India and Europe to defame the country! Apology! The death penalty was announced for two of the accused, but it was not implemented O Shehbaz government’s NAB amendments, 22 important cases of Nawaz Sharif, Asif Zardari, Hussain Lawai etc. in Khokh Khant O Meetings of Asif Zardari with party leaders in Dubai, Shehbaz Sharif, Ishaq Dar, Governor Sandhu Tesori in London O Lahore Shahdara, SHO Saghir Maitla took a bribe of 3 crore rupees and weakened the action of seized drugs. Attock Jail authorities refused to take a court order about Imran! O Jaranwala, Quran insult case, 3 Christians, 3 Muslims arrested, the case will cost $ 330 rupees! O Shehbaz Sharif ordered to export sugar, the price in the country is 85 rupees to 185 rupees. reached, the Sharif family has 5 sugar mills, exported millions of tons of sugar, earned billions and moved to London.

* Mention of a very attention-seeking social issue before the political futility that has shaken. In short, four years ago on September 9, 2020, an unspeakable horrific incident happened to a woman in front of her children on the Sialkot Motorway in the suburbs of Lahore. On March 20, 2021, the Anti-Terrorism Court sentenced two criminals to death, life imprisonment, five years of rigorous imprisonment, a fine of 50,500 rupees and confiscation of all property on March 20, 2021. Criminals can appeal against the sentences to the High Court, the Supreme Court and the President according to the law. Both accused criminals are in jail, nothing is known about further action or appeal against them. At that time, the police wanted to suppress this case, they did not allow the case to be registered for four months. On the other hand, the ruling police officer of Ulta Lahore, CCPO, gave a scathing statement against this woman. Apologized for the strong reaction of the media. These are cases, police and court proceedings. I want to talk about another serious incident about this incident. The suffix “Islamic” is attached to the name of the country, but what is happening here, how should it be described? The very shameful movement of some women’s immorality of “My body is my will” (I saw such vulgar, shameless scenes during my newspaper duty that I started vomiting. When there was a strong reaction to these incidents, another approach was adopted and in Pakistan There has been a world-wide campaign to malign the country and earn millions of dollars abroad by putting some incriminating incidents of women in films and stage dramas. Recording is being done by making a ‘special’ actress and two youths who look exactly like the robbers as the main characters of the drama. In the end, an unethical attempt was made to contact the victim of the actual incident. The news of this dirty game emerged in the social media. So the woman, who is always silent about this, has expressed her pain and sorrow that she suffered from the “investigation” during the court proceedings of this incident for a long time, she was repeatedly reminded of this horrible incident. But now a drama company has put him, his children and the whole family in a very painful torment for the sake of a few ticks and their fame. Now the painful behavior of these so-called dramatists! Its “heroine actress” and the owner of the drama, director Kashram Nak, state that we are only narrating the facts of a crime. Not using real names nor based on real events, but it is true that the events depicted in the drama are very similar to the real events. Forgiveness! I am shocked to read the painful protest of this oppressed helpless woman and her appeal to the media about this new cruelty, saying, “The same thing is being done to me again that has happened before.” Until now, I have not been able to forget this painful incident, I have not been able to sleep peacefully for a single night, except for the last incident?” Important points are indicated at the beginning of the column. 3 days ago, the nonsense remarks about Allama Iqbal from the mouth of a miserable singer were still echoing that Nyashusha came forward. By the way, what is the result of the columns except threats? Until today, it was not known where the Sharif family’s flats worth billions in London and the Zardari family’s palaces, plazas, flats and farmhouses in Dubai, France, London and America came from? How did the Chaudhary family invest trillions in Spain? How were the flats obtained in London and Germany? And… according to the ongoing reports of the State Bank, what were the billions of loans of these families forgiven under NRA (I have these reports safe) * And what is the spectacle that the Lahore High Court gives a clear order that Chaudhry Parvez Elahi will not be arrested by any government agency, police, NAB, anti-corruption, etc., until the judgments of the cases against him! And Chaudhry Parvez Elahi is living from jail for the seventh time, he leaves for home and after a few moments, Islamabad police swoops in and arrests Chaudhry Parvez Elahi near his house and locks him in Attock Jail. Does the order of the High Court have no value in front of the Deputy Commissioner’s order? And the Raunt Court of the Phratak Jail Administration allows the lawyers of Imran Khan in jail to meet him and talk to his sons in London, but the Jailer, who is more powerful than the court, refuses to accept the court’s orders. Andher Nagri Chopt Raj! The mice are dancing before the cats! The Caretaker Prime Minister has canceled his visit to ‘Kenya’ in view of the situation in the country. “Kenya!” where Pakistan’s senior journalist Arshad Sharif was brutally murdered, a few days later, some government people went to investigate, nothing was achieved, and they came back having fun. The open murder was declared unsolvable!