The heart of an old man from Amreli will beat in the body of a person living in Kolhapur, Maharashtra Pipa News

The heart of an old man from Amreli will beat in the body of a person living in Kolhapur, Maharashtra

  • The heart reached Mumbai from Surat in just 110 minutes
  • An old man originally from Amrelina and living in Surat died of brain dead
  • The family donated 7 organs through the Donate Life organization

The family of brain dead 57-year-old Vinodbhai Dhirubhai Vekaria of Leuva Patel community donated Vinodbhai’s heart, lungs, liver, kidneys and eyes to seven persons through Donate Life and showed a new direction to the society by spreading the fragrance of Navjeevan Bakshi humanity. Vinodbhai’s heart will now beat in the body of a person living in Kolhapur, Maharashtra.

The Donate Life team airlifted Vinodbhai’s heart to a hospital in Mumbai, 297 kilometers away, in just 110 minutes. For this, a special green corridor was made from the hospital to the airport with the help of the police. Along with the heart, the lungs were also brought to Mumbai which were transplanted into the body of a person living in Kandivali, Mumbai.

Vinodbhai, a resident of Amreli district and currently staying with his family at Amroli, Surat, complained of headache at night on March 8. In the early morning of March 9, when he became unconscious, his family took him to Venus Hospital, neurophysician Dr. Gaurang Ghiwala was admitted under treatment and was diagnosed with brain haemorrhage and a blood balloon in a cerebral vein. Then Vinodbhai was declared brain dead.

The Donate Life team reached the hospital and explained the importance of organ donation and the entire process to Vinodbhai’s wife Geetaben, sons Ankit and Hiren, brothers-in-law Rajeshbhai, Hiteshbhai, Kalubhai and other members of the Vekaria family.

Vinodbhai’s wife Gitaben said, “My husband is brain dead and there is no chance of his survival. Give life to the organ failure patients by donating as many of his organs as possible.”

This is the 44th event of heart donation and 14th lung donation by Donate Life from Surat. Surat has gained prominence in the field of organ donation nationally and internationally through Donate Life. Hearts and lungs donated from Surat have been transplanted in different cities of the country like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Indore, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Calcutta. Apart from this, Surat has also created a distinct identity at the international level in the field of organ donation.

A total of 1081 organs and tissues have been donated by Donate Life from Surat and South Gujarat. In which 452 kidneys, 193 livers, 8 pancreases, 44 hearts, 28 lungs, 4 hands and 352 eyes have been donated, a total of 993 persons have been successfully given a new life and a new vision.

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