The Indus Water Commissioner wrote an emergency letter

LAHORE: There is a fear of releasing 200,000 cusecs of rail in the Ravi River by India, on the basis of which the Indus Water Commissioner has written an emergency letter.

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In this regard, Hum News has informed that the Indus Water Commissioner has taken a position in an urgent letter to India that there are reports of evacuation of the Abad Gurdapur area near the Ravi River.

In a letter written by the Indus Water Commissioner, it has been warned that the 2 lakh cusecs relay will pose a risk to human life and livestock on a large scale.

The letter asked the Indian Commissioner to respond immediately, realizing the gravity of the situation.

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According to Hum News, the Indus Water Commissioner has written in the letter that the floods are likely to enter Pakistan in the next 24 hours.

It should be noted that India has repeatedly released the flood relay from Pakistan in the past, causing huge losses in the country as villages and villages were submerged, standing crops were destroyed and communication roads were washed away. were

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There have also been accusations that India is blocking water from Pakistan by flouting international laws during the water shortage.

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