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The membership of 3 members of the Sindh Assembly elected on certain seats has been suspended

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The Election Commission has suspended the membership of 3 members of the Sindh Assembly elected on certain seats.

According to the announcement, the membership of Samita Afzal, a member of the People’s Party who was elected in the reserved seat for women, was suspended.

The membership of MQM member Musarat Jabeen who was elected on the reserved seat for women was also suspended, the membership of People’s Party member Surendra Vilasai who was elected on the minority seat was also suspended.

The Secretary of the Sindh Assembly said that the suspended members will not participate in the Sindh Assembly meeting tomorrow.

It should be noted that while approving applications related to specific seats for hearing, the Supreme Court suspended the decisions of the Election Commission and Peshawar High Court related to specific seats.

Justice Mansoor Ali Shah said that the order of suspension may be to the extent of certain seats, we have suspended the decision to the extent of additional seats, those who sit more should not vote on the law.

The Supreme Court rejected the opposition of the government of three members in the case of reserved seats Justice Mansoor Ali Shah said that this is still the preliminary hearing If the appeals are declared admissible, any bench will hear them. member bench will also hear this stage.

In the Supreme Court, the case of Sunni Ittehad Council not getting specific seats was heard, the hearing of the appeal filed by Sunni Ittehad Council for specific seats was heard by a three member bench headed by Justice Mansoor Ali Shah, Justice Muhammad Ali Mazhar and Justice Athar Minullah did

The federal government asked to create a bigger bank. Justice Mansoor Ali Shah said that while the present case was heard in appeal under Article 185 of the Constitution, the present case was not filed under Article 184/3.

Justice Mansoor Ali Shah said that now a decision has to be taken on accepting the appeals. Advocate Faisal Siddiqui opened the arguments.

Objections were also raised to the bench of women members of the assembly nominated for certain seats. The lawyers of the women MLAs told the court that this is a case of interpretation of Article 51 of the Constitution, under the Practice and Procedure Act, the case will be heard by a 5-member bench.

The federal government also objected to the three-member bench, Additional Attorney General Aamir Rehman said only a single bench would hear the appeals. The court rejected the bench’s objection.

Justice Mansoor Ali Shah said that the preliminary hearing is now, if the appeals are declared admissible then any bench will hear them. Justice Mansoor Ali Shah said a two-member bench could also conduct a hearing at this stage.

Lawyer Faisal Siddiqui said the PTI’s winning independent MLAs joined the Sunni Etihad Council, where Justice Mansoor Ali Shah questioned whether the seven candidates were still part of the National Assembly as independents.

Justice Athar Manullah asked whether PTI was a registered political party. Faisal Siddiqui stood that PTI is a registered political party, to which Justice Mansoor Ali Shah said that it is a registered political party but does not participate in elections.

Justice Muhammad Ali Mazhar asked that independent members should join a party for how many days? In which lawyer Faisal Siddiqui said that independent members of the National Assembly should join a political party within three days.

Justice Athar Manullah asked that if a political party does not have an election symbol, will its candidates lose the right to represent? Faisal Siddiqui told the court that a political party can become a parliamentary party by participating in elections, otherwise a political party can not participate in elections and the members who win are free to participate in party.

Justice Mansoor Ali Shah asked that under what formula is the distribution of certain seats among political parties, does the political party get certain seats according to its won seats or can does it take more? Faisal Siddiqui said that no political party can choose reserved seats more than its proportion.

Justice Mansoor Ali Shah said that the larger bench will send his case to the Chief Justice The Supreme Court issued a notice on the plea of ​​Kanwal Shuzab and said that the vote given so far and the opinion on the legislation shall not be considered suspended.

The order of the Supreme Court is not applicable from the past but from today, hearing the case every day from June 3, Justice Mansoor Ali Shah said that for the first time in judicial history, the case of The interpretation of Article 51 came out as referred the case relating to reserved seats to the Committee of Judges.

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