The parties are preparing money to buy voters when elections were held in Telangana


Once upon a time the election expenses were twenty five lakhs. But now hundred crores are not enough. Politicians are buying votes from one another and giving money to each other. Politicians are already preparing for the upcoming elections. Assembly elections in the state are scheduled to be held at the end of next year. But in the current political situation, no party knows when the elections will come. That’s why all the parties are making arrangements in advance.

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Cash saving parties…

The political parties in Telangana are in the midst of an election campaign. There is confusion as to when the elections will come. Especially in Karimnagar district, while there was a lot of competition between TRS and Congress in the last elections, BJP is also acting aggressively this time. With this, there will be a three-way fight in the next election. All the three parties have sharpened their strategies with the aim of taking power anyway. One party is thinking ahead of others. It has already moved bundles of currency notes to the villages as it is considered difficult to transport them while the Election Code is in force. Party loyalists have also entrusted their responsibility head.

Arrangements before election expenses..
No party knows when the assembly elections will be held in the state. But all the parties are announcing that they are ready at any time. Financial resources are being prepared accordingly. The aim is to win. Efforts to attract voters have started as part of that. A party woke up early and together delivered bundles of notes to the villages. According to the needs of each assembly segment, they are included in the trusted people of that party. Compared to the assembly elections held three decades ago, it is expected that the value of the banknote will increase this time. Accordingly, three villages were taken as a unit and money stock was kept.

Bundles of notes to disperse competitively..
These arrangements have been started as a precautionary measure as there is a suspicion that the elections may come suddenly. In the 2018 elections, the assembly elections were held between two parties or alliances and this time BJP also emerged as a third party. In this context, a three-cornered competition is inevitable. All the three parties are making concerted efforts to come to power. Strategies are being written for this. The parties are under the impression that the pre-arranged arrangements need cash and cash to turn the voters towards them. More than one party, the value of the vote is calculated with the note. They are eager to compete and give a little more than the rival party.

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Cash flow as a winning target…

Videos of distributing notes to voters have become very viral on social media recently. The parties are planning to not give in to such things. Already prominent leaders across the state. Also, it seems that Mota leaders are selling their assets and dumping huge sums of money in one place. If the aspirants are also taking loans and storing more money with the belief that they will get the ticket this time, then it is already understood how the elections are going to be this time. Our leaders have shown that winning is only possible if there is money.

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