The responsibility of protecting BJP’s face is on him, calm, calm Manik Saha – News18 Bangla Pipa News


The responsibility of protecting BJP’s face is on him, calm, calm Manik Saha – News18 Bangla

Abir Ghoshal, Agartala: Facial doctor. The BJP has actually campaigned against him in Tripura. Even before the elections, Narendra Modi-Manik Sahar government has appeared in the poster-banner campaign. There is speculation in political circles that Manik Saha will show magic.

Tripura Chief Minister Manik Saha went to vote early in the morning on 16th. And on the day before the result announcement, the Chief Minister of Tripura held a meeting with his center booth workers.

This time, he has become a BJP candidate in Town Baradowali constituency. Chief Minister Manik Sahar will decide the fate there. The hope of the team around him is very high. The main fight against Manik Sahar is Ashishkumar Sahar, who left the BJP and returned to the Congress. As a result, BJP’s prestige fight with Manik Saha in this center! Last year, Manik Saha won this seat in the assembly by-election He defeated Congress candidate Ashish Saha Although this time there is a Left-Congress alliance As a result, many believe that the fight against the BJP has become difficult. But he is very optimistic about winning in his centre

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Chief Minister Manik Saha said, “I feel very happy with the vote. I have been able to become a person close to the public. Other times not so much fun. After winning the election and forming the government, I will work for the people. I will keep an eye on what is good for them. At the same time, after the announcement of the election results of the entire state today, attention will be paid to ensure that a healthy and peaceful environment is maintained, he said.

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Tripura Chief Minister Manik Saha will perform puja at the Lakshminarayan temple in Agartala before heading to the Center ahead of the declaration of election results on Thursday. Bharatiya Janata Party founder Shyamaprasad Mukhopadhyay will pay his respects at the statue. After that, Manik Saha, the BJP candidate from Town Baradwali constituency, will reach Umakant Academy.

According to political circles, BJP’s facial treatment was done by a facial doctor. But how the patient is will be known today.

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