the short on slae at online shopping website with huge price and netizens shocked

Nowadays, most people focus on online shopping. People are more and more fond of buying clothes online. Also more discounts are available here. Plus shopping can be enjoyed from home. Some people like clothes very much. Some of them are willing to pay any price for their favorite clothes. Are you wondering why he is saying all this? Currently, a chaddi (Shorts) is making a strong sound on the internet. Yes, don’t ask what’s wrong. Anyone will be shocked once they ask the price of this chaddi.

Netties shocked to hear the price of this chaddi:

Yes, as we all have seen, chaddis (shorts) are available for 150 to 200 rupees. Otherwise it will be Rs 500 to 100 if it is a brand. But netizens are shocked to hear the price of shorts here. Veteran actor Paresh Rawal acted in a special role in the popular Hindi movie ‘Heraferi’.

Baburao played by Paresh Rawal is remembered by people even today. The striped shorts worn by Paresh Rawal in this film were quite famous. Similar is the case with underwear that is currently sold online. But its price is around 15 thousand. Also, the details of the sale of these short films have been shared on Twitter by an account named @vettichennaiguy. Hundreds of people have expressed funny reactions to this.

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Netizens who commented on the video:

Brands like Reebok, Puma or Adidas sell shorts starting at Rs.1500. But the price of these short films is Rs 15,000. Netizens are surprised to see this price. Netizens made funny comments after seeing this price. In the comments, one user wrote, ‘I don’t think even Baburao used to wear such expensive underwear.’ Another user asked, ‘Are these designer shorts? People with heart problems please don’t read the price of these short films’ he commented.

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Commenting on who would buy Rs 15,000 worth of short films from this website, a user said, ‘Not only this. If necessary, I will sleep without clothes, but I will not buy this alone.’ A pair of shorts or chaddis costing so much usually surprises everyone. However, these shorts are going viral on social media.

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