The situation of worry in Gwalior is over, 29 mm behind the average, the possibility of heavy rain today Pipa News

The situation of worry in Gwalior is over, 29 mm behind the average, the possibility of heavy rain today

Publish Date: | Thu, 22 Sep 2022 03:35 AM (IST)

Low pressure area is active near Rewa, today it will reach near Gwalior-Chambal division, the process of rain will continue till 24

– Three degree difference in temperature of day and night, feeling of coolness in the day

Gwalior (Naiduniya Representative). Due to the low pressure area coming from the Bay of Bengal, the spell of rain continued since morning on Wednesday. One inch (25.8 mm) of rain was recorded. The city’s worries ended with this rain. Now the city is 29 mm behind the average. The low pressure area will reach around Gwalior-Chambal division on Thursday, due to which there is a possibility of heavy rainfall in the region including Gwalior city, while there may be heavy rainfall in Morena. Light and moderate rains will continue in the city till September 24. The average quota will be met by the rainfall during these three days. On the other hand, this nectar rain has come for the farmers. Very beneficial for Kharif and Ravi crops.

A low pressure area of ​​Bay of Bengal is active near Rewa. Due to this, the rainy season had started in the city since morning. It was raining for one hour between 8:30 am and 9:30 am. One hour of rain caused water logging on the roads. The maximum temperature dropped due to rain. The difference between day and night temperatures was three degrees Celsius. The maximum temperature was 7.7 degrees below normal. This made the day feel cooler. The weather was pleasant.

Benefits of this rain

– The rain continued intermittently. Due to the slow pace, the benefits for the ground water level are negligible. The city has reached average rainfall. With average rainfall, the ground water level will rise.

Water is needed for paddy crop. This rain made up the shortage of water in the paddy.

In Navratra, sowing of mustard starts in the region including Gwalior. For the cultivation of mustard, the farmers had to do paliva, but due to the rain, there is no need for paliva. Mustard can be sown in Navratri.

Due to rain, the consumption of electricity used in agriculture has reduced. There will also be a saving in the electricity consumed in mustard pilaf.

This month the second system came in Gwalior-Chambal division

In June, July and August, not a single system of Bay of Bengal had come in Gwalior-Chambal division. In all these three months, the local influence caused block rainfall, due to which they were lagging behind the average, but the monsoon in September has been very kind. The second consecutive system is coming towards Gwalior Chambal division. Which is raining. The system that came last could not have more years than that, but this time there will be heavy rainfall from the system.

rain due to these reasons

The Bay of Bengal system is near Rewa. The Monsoon Trough is also passing through this system. Due to this sufficient amount of moisture is coming from the Bay of Bengal. Its speed is also slow, due to this the system will stay for a long time.

Western Disturbance is also active, due to which moisture is coming from Arabian Sea. A cyclonic circulation is also persisting along with the low pressure area.

Due to all these reasons, the rainy season will continue.

Maximum temperature – 26.7 °C

Minimum temperature – 23.6 °C

Rain – 25.8 mm

Total rainfall in the city-677 mm

Average rainfall of the city – 706.4 mm

Behind Average – 29 mm

temp of mercury

time temperature

05:30 25.2

08:30 25.8

11:30 24.6

14:30 26.4

17:30 25.8

the condition of the dams of the zone


treble 69%

Kakato 95%

Pehsari 90%

Upper Kakato 36%

Harsee 63%

Madikheda 98%

they say

There is nectar rain for Kharif and Ravi crops. Areas where there is no irrigation facility. Sowing of Ravi crop will be done in all those areas. Kharif crops needed water. This rain will increase production in Kharif crop. Ravi crop has survived.

Dr. Raj Singh Kushwaha, Agricultural Scientist

The low pressure area will remain around Uttar Pradesh including Gwalior Chambal division on Thursday. Due to this there will be heavy rain in Morena, Tikamgarh. Moderate to heavy rainfall will continue at rest places. Rain will continue in Gwalior for three days. Rain is expected till the end of September. Due to this, the departure of monsoon is not till the end of the month.

Dr. Vedprakash Singh, Radar Incharge Meteorological Center Bhopal

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