The story of Congress is now that of a groom without a bald head; BJP sparks Siddaramaiah’s statement Pipa News

The story of Congress is now that of a groom without a bald head; BJP sparks Siddaramaiah’s statement

Bengaluru: The video of former CM Siddaramaiah’s speech while returning from the Prajadhwani Rally in Belgaum has gone viral. 500 per person for the convention. Give and take. BJP will take Karkond. Siddaramaiah’s speech on the Prajadhwani Yatra bus has gone viral. Siddaramaiah has given instructions to KPCC working president Satish Jarkiholi and MLA Laxmi Hebbalkar. Currently, this video has gone viral on social media. The BJP shared this video on Twitter and attacked it as a corrupt Congress.

Calling people with money, announcing fortunes to all of them one by one. That side doesn’t have that, this side doesn’t have this either. The BJP tweeted that the story of the Congress is now that of a bridegroom without a bald head.

Protest in front of the hotel where Siddaramaiah was staying

As soon as Siddaramaiah came to Belgaum, dissent erupted in the Ramadurga Congress. Fans insisted on giving ticket to Chikkarevanna from Ramadurga Assembly Constituency. Supporters staged a hydrama for half an hour in front of the private hotel where Siddaramaiah was staying in Belgaum.

The supporters staged a protest insisting that tickets should be announced for Chikkarevanna. Siddaramaiah held a meeting of Ramadurga ticket aspirants two days ago.

Send supporters Hydrama

Ashok Pattan had announced that he would compete with Chikkarevanna. Chikarevanna also agreed with Siddaramaiah.

Now Chikkarevanna has struck back and sent his supporters to conduct a hydrama. Siddaramaiah sent the protestors saying that they will meet in the morning, Chikarevanna’s supporters returned saying that there was no toll on the way they came.

Another wicket fell for JDS

MLA Shivalingegowda (JDS MLA Shivalingegowda) held a meeting with supporters at Araseekere farm house. Sivalinge Gowda has called thousands of supporters to join the Congress and held a meeting to ask their opinion.

I too could have been compromised like GT Deve Gowda. But all those who identified with me were removed from the party. They attacked JDS saying that they wanted to make us naked.

Supporters have shown the green light for Shivlinge Gowda to join the Congress. There is a possibility of joining the party when Siddaramaiah comes to Araseikere on March 5.

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Have you seen the ED notice given to farmers’ children?

Haasan’s ticket is making noise in the JDS house. HD Kumaraswamy has bet to give ticket to Swaroop. On the other hand, HD Revanna insisted that Bhavani wanted a ticket and the ticket fight turned into a prestige battle. In the midst of this, DK Shivakumar’s hand in the operation is a sore point for JDS, especially for Kumaraswamy.


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