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The web version of WhatsApp is ready to be completely replaced

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Metta significantly redesigned WhatsApp for Android users in March 2024. Now the web version of WhatsApp is doing the same. Yes, the new user for the web version of WhatsApp. The interface is introduced. After this change, the design of WhatsApp on the web version will change significantly or say it will have a completely new feel. In this new design, chats, communities, statuses and all other tabs above. move to the side that is better. new feature is now available to beta users in the web version. This feature in the web version has been in the works for a long time and is now in beta. It has been introduced for users. Remember that after a long time the design of the web version of WhatsApp has been changed. Along with the user interface, the dark theme for the web version has also been improved. The scene colors blend better with the dark theme, making the user interface feel more elegant.

This not only makes the user interface more beautiful but also reduces eye strain when looking at the screen. As the new user interface is currently being tested in beta version, it may take some time to introduce it to all users. Is.

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