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There are no bad apples in this multi-generational farm

For two centuries, the Martin family has been looking forward to apple season in Ontario after starting their long-standing family business with some apple seeds.

Now in its third generation, the Martin family continues the tradition of everything apple with the orchards of Martin’s Family Fruit Farm.

“Over the years, it has developed into 750 acres. Now, we are one of the largest producers and packagers of fresh apples in Ontario,” said Trent Martin, owner of Martin’s Family Fruit Farm.

The core of the business is the apple orchard.

“We, at Martin’s, grow more than 30 varieties of apples. From great eater apples like Gala to more tartar apples like the Macintosh, both are in season right now,” Martin said.

But there is much more than meets the eye.

Inside, the apples are carefully cleaned, sealed and sorted to ensure that no spoiled apples leave the field.

“Apples travel through our external and internal defect sorters,” said Seri Ong, marketing member at Martin’s Family Fruit Farms. “Only the good apples, or the apples we want, or the ones that are specific, will continue to pass through the packing line. The rest will be put into separate bins where it can be made into apple chips, cider or puree.

Apple chips from the farm are also sold throughout the province.

“Apple chip is a big thing that we do now — we core it, slice it, and then we dehydrate it to make a crisp,” Martin said.

Martin said it’s still hard to compete with the fundamentals — eating an apple right off the tree.

“I mean there’s no better feeling than coming out, taking a nice, fresh apple and taking a good bite out of it,” Martin said.


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