There Was a Dog on a Lufthansa Flight That Caused Turbulence So Severe It Sent 7 Passengers to the Hospital, and Its Owner Doesn’t Know If the Puppy Is OK Pipa News


There Was a Dog on a Lufthansa Flight That Caused Turbulence So Severe It Sent 7 Passengers to the Hospital, and Its Owner Doesn’t Know If the Puppy Is OK

Lufthansa 747.

Lufthansa 747.Lucas Wunderlich / shutterstock

  • A dog was on a Lufthansa flight that made an emergency landing, and its owner doesn’t know if the pup is okay.

  • Garrett Stuteville said he could not get in touch with anyone at Dulles International Airport.

  • Seven injured people were taken to hospital after the plane experienced severe turbulence.

A dog was on a Lufthansa flight from Austin, Texas to Frankfurt, Germany, that was forced to make an emergency landing in Washington, D.C. after severe turbulence left seven people injured.

The puppy’s owner still doesn’t know if his dog is okay.

Garrett Stuteville, who lives in Singapore, told Insider that his dog was traveling from Texas to Singapore and was set up in Frankfurt to be let out of his cage for a few hours.

But since the plane landed at Dulles Airport, Stuteville said she hasn’t heard from the airline or the airport about how her dog is.

“All we know is he is still locked in the cage which has been going on for 10+ hours now. And we don’t know when the flight is going to leave. We were told he can’t be let out of the cage because ‘ TSA screening rules. We just want to know if she’s okay from someone who’s out there,” Stuteville told Insider.

He said he and his wife had hired a company in the US to “handle the transportation process” to bring their dog from the States to Singapore. Stuteville said the agent he hired has been in contact with Lufthansa agents in Germany, but no representative in Washington, DC has been in contact.

“We just want to know he’s okay. And he’s being taken care of,” Stuteville Tweeted,

Lufthansa did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment on the situation.

According to the Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority, Lufthansa Flight 469 had to land at Dulles International Airport at around 9:10 p.m.

According to a Lufthansa spokesperson, the flight experienced “brief severe turbulence” approximately 90 minutes into its route, leading to an emergency landing.

“It was a so-called apparent air disturbance, which can occur without weather events or advance warning,” the spokesman said.

He said some passengers suffered “minor injuries” during the period of turbulence and were given onboard care.

But at least seven people were injured and hospitalized due to the turbulence, according to a statement from the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority.

A man said that his wife was on the flight After the emergency landing, a picture was posted on Twitter of the plane, which showed trays of food and garbage strewn in the aisle of the plane. He said the pilot told the passengers that the plane was struck by lightning.

Another passenger told The Washington Post that the plane went into “free-fall” as flight attendants were serving dinner.

The FAA said in a statement to Insider that they would investigate what happened.

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