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This Viral Video of Scenic Sunset from Atal Setu Bridge in Mumbai Will Make You Forget Chicago PiPa News

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This Viral Video of Scenic Sunset from Atal Setu Bridge in Mumbai Will Make You Forget Chicago

Curated By: Purvi Khemani

Last Updated: January 29, 2024, 1:28 PM IST

This Viral Video of Scenic Sunset from Mumbai’s Atal Setu Bridge Will Make You Forget Chicago (Photo Credits: X)

The viral video of the breathtaking view of the tall building touching the sky in Mumbai has taken the internet by storm.

If you’re an avid Instagram reel ‘scroller’, then you just can’t scroll past the breathtaking ‘Chicago’ reel, where those majestic tall buildings dance in perfect sync. in Alan Walker’s “Baby, I’m all about the headlights. … Blinded by, blinded by the lights.” After this visual extravaganza flooded social media, people started taking and sharing videos showing the towering marvels adorning an Indian city. But the real shocker happened when someone decided to i -flip the lens on Mumbai, captured the ‘unreal’ from the newly inaugurated Atal Setu bridge, leaving the internet completely mesmerized.

Why the commotion? Well, because what unfolded in front of their eyes was a sight – tall structures splashing the pink sky, orchestrating a symphony of human ingenuity blended seamlessly with canvas of nature in the perfect sunset. Simply put, everyone was speechless.

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The twinkling lights, wide streets, and distant buildings have people questioning if this is really India. Reactions to ‘X’ were a mixture of surprise and amusement.

Here is the Viral Video:

“The skyline actually makes it look first world,” commented a user in a video reposted by user @_Avykt on the micro-blogging site. “Mumbai Giving Vice City Vibes,” echoed another, while a third quipped, “Oh man, I literally thought it was a bridge connecting Vancouver’s downtown skyline until I read the signage in Hindi! !” The fourth encapsulated it, “Until I read the Hindi text, I didn’t know it was India 🙂 New bridge.”

However, as the old wisdom goes, not all that glitters is gold, and the same applies to Mumbai. Although this is not to overshadow the inherent beauty of the city, it is important to acknowledge the other side – the slums, the residents, and the harsh realities that paint a darker picture. But wait, there are others.

In the previous video, people raised eyebrows at the supposedly well-run public transportation system that serves such a large population. A video showing the resilient spirit of Mumbai – individuals patiently queuing for auto-rickshaws outside Dombivli station even in heavy rain – has gone viral. While many have applauded this perseverance, not everyone has jumped on the celebratory bandwagon, pointing to the tendency to glorify everything in the name of ‘Mumbai spirit’ while turning a blind eye to harsher realities.

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In fact, while we are often attracted to external beauty, it is the unfiltered truth that we often overlook!

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