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Those government ears, which are deprived of hearing

Where was the income and expenditure ratio of the middle class in Pakistan under control? The blanket of resources was always unable to cover the needs but it was getting by.

Those government ears, which are deprived of hearing
Those government ears, which are deprived of hearing


In the last one and a half years, so much has been said and written about the way the monster of Minhagai has gripped the common man that there is no room to say anything more. The prices of basic necessities have increased manifold, but the sources of income are shrinking.

Economic problems have made life dull and restless. There is such an atmosphere of uncertainty that the worry of tomorrow stops even using the available resources. When just keeping life going becomes a struggle, the meaning of peace and comfort changes.

It is not rocket science to understand the effect on the prices of consumer goods from the huge increase in the price of petrol every two weeks, when the available resources of families with apparently reasonable incomes are compared to the depletion, it is difficult to simply meet the basic needs. It is becoming more difficult. Not to mention the comforts, the situation has reached to such an extent that even the priority expenses like food, education, health and sanitation have not been agreed upon.

The social media is full of such videos where the citizens who are suffering from hearing loss are trying to convey their prayers to the deaf with trembling voices and watery eyes. None of the existing political parties have any possible solution to avoid the brain drain, unemployment, education problems, poor treatment and tax hikes that have created such an atmosphere of despair. At present there is no way out.

This year, according to the Bureau of Statistics, there has been an increase of 27.38% in the growth rate compared to last year. According to economists, the prices of petrol and diesel are likely to increase further in the coming days, which will directly affect the price of almost every commodity.

Most of the families in the country are faced with the same problems and this is having a direct impact on the women, who are facing a battle to maintain the illusion of whiteness of their family with limited income. A woman’s domestic life means sacrificing herself daily to thousands of trivial problems. Women who are beaten by paternalistic traditions can tell their problems to whom, how can they save money?

School fees are increasing every now and then, school bus fares have doubled in a year, food prices that meet basic nutritional needs have become beyond the reach of the common man. How can the quality of life be maintained in such a situation? However, electricity bills have made up for it. In the scorching heat of the plains and a few hours of sleep in the harsh climate, the entire family depended on an air-conditioner to keep it running.

The difficult decision of prioritizing the monthly expenses on education, food and health is the responsibility of the woman living in the four walls of the house, for whom there was no shelter before and tomorrow away from deductions from these essential expenses. He also has to face the effects of Rasa.

Hardly anyone has noticed that this storm of greed has made the housewives a victim of social isolation. Worried about the needs of the family, a woman has neither time nor resources to spend on herself. Communication with friends and relatives, concern for personal needs or concern for health, nothing is possible.

On the other hand, maintaining poor quality of life is a painful pressure that continues to grow. The result of all this is in the form of constant anxiety and depression. The pressure of expenses is the reason that even a peaceful sleep is not available and the heart is surrounded by whispers all the time.

Minds that understand the economy and its nuances must be trying to understand and solve this situation, but now there is no satisfactory word. How many people have been robbed of happiness and smiles from their lips by this shortage and food crisis, it is hardly visible to them.

Looking at the terrifying and terrifying situation of Minhagai, the future can be predicted as to what conditions this country and its people may face. The woman who sits at home and listens to the taunts of eating and is the most victim of the oppression of the situation, is not even waiting for a messiah anymore.

There is still time for the powers that be to reassess their policies, find a way to deal with the crisis that has become so bad. The whole country is worried. Sit together, come up with a good solution and reduce the problems of the common man.

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