Thousands of iPhone workers on strike in China Pipa News

Thousands of iPhone workers on strike in China

Opposing the imposition of Corona rules

Beijing: The employees of the world’s largest mobile phone company iPhone in China have called a strike. Employees were beaten and detained for following Corona rules. Due to this, the angry employees have called a strike.

There has been an outbreak of Corona in China. Therefore, the regulations have been tightened; But the employees have called for a strike alleging that these regulations are being overdone.

The iPhone company manufactures mobile phones in Zhengzhou. There has been a strike. Videos of the treatment meted out to employees are doing the rounds on social media. A clash is seen between the masked workers and the white-clad police. The police are seen wielding plastic batons and cracking and beating the employees. The employees attacked the police. A person also threw a fire extinguisher at the police.

Meanwhile, thousands of employees flouted the Corona rules. Because of this, the police and the administration are angry with them and complain that they are harassing and harassing them

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