Three men of the gang were arrested for withdrawing money by changing ATM cards Pipa News

Three men of the gang were arrested for withdrawing money by changing ATM cards

Police have succeeded in nabbing a migrant gang in Veraval

A total of 79 ATM cards, laptops, four mobile phones, two bikes, one POS machine of different banks were seized by the police.

Veraval: The surveillance team of Veraval police has arrested three accused of a gang of foreign persons who were extorting money by changing the quality of ATM cards in Gujarat and other states. These persons stopped at places like Anand, Bardoli, Bharuch, Ankleshwar, Surat Rajpipla, Vadodara Porbandar and withdrew Rs 20 lakh from ATMs. Confessed to burglary. Among the arrested persons, one person has turned out to be an accused in the crime of looting one crore five lakh rupees earlier in Mathura.

Confession of withdrawing twenty lakhs from ATMs in different cities and being involved in loot, a man accused of robbery of one crore in Mathura

Five days ago in Veraval, a citizen came to the ATM booth to enter a new PIN number to generate his ATM. At that time, the men of this gang changed the card by generating the PIN number of the ATM, saying, “Come, let us help you”. Then, based on this changed card, they went to the ATM of the bank branch on AC Foot Road and withdrew Rs. 23500. A complaint was filed. After that, Inspector A.C. Sindhav of the surveillance team formed different teams and conducted the investigation. The team got the footage from the CC camera and Inaj Netram and started the investigation.

Meanwhile, on 26th, Ankitkumar Kiranpal Singh Chaudhary, age 25, Sagar alias Ankur Satpal Chaudhary age 27, Jitendra Harishchandra Jat age 34 from UP, from Dabhor road railway gate of Veraval, a total of 79 ATM cards of different banks, laptops, four mobile phones, Rs. A bike, a POS machine, Aadhaar card, Pan card, Chutni card and Rs. 19 thousand cash were seized.

In this accused, four crimes of Surat, one crime of UP were registered against Ankit. This person confessed to be involved in a robbery case. Similarly, Sagar Chaudhary is also involved in the Khudjanagar robbery crime and two other crimes. Also, the details of Jitendra Harishchandra Jadab’s involvement in the loot incident in Khudjanagar and the release of bail in the loot of one crore five lakhs in Mathura have been found. This person is also involved in other crimes of looting.

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