Tight security in the city on Democracy Day, how is the traffic system? – News 24 hours Pipa News

Tight security in the city on Democracy Day, how is the traffic system? – News 24 hours

Democracy Day will be celebrated across the country at midnight. It is reported that traffic will be stopped in several places of the city for that. Today, on Wednesday, traffic was stopped near Maidan for a while. There will be a parade on Red Road tomorrow. His preparation has reached its final stage. A traffic guideline has been issued today by the Kolkata Police. The guidelines have mentioned how long the traffic will be stopped on various routes of the city.

Meanwhile, the Red Road will be closed from 10:00 PM today, Wednesday to 1:00 PM tomorrow, Thursday. Simultaneously, from morning to 1 pm on Commonwealth Day—Hospital Road (Northbound), Khidirpur Road (Northbound), Dufferin Road, Queen’s Way, Esplanade Ramp, Gotshapal Sarani, Mayo Road (Westbound), Mayo Road (Eastbound) and RR Avenue (westbound). As a result, these roads cannot be passed through.

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On the other hand, you have to travel through alternative roads. Alternative roads open as – RR Avenue – JL Nehru Road, RR Avenue – Kings Way – Strand Road, JL Nehru Road, AJC Bose Road, Georges Gate Road, Cathedral Road, JL Nehru Road, AJS Ramp, Auckland Road, Govt. Place East, Bentinck Street Road. They are exactly the opposite way. As a result, traveling through here will not be difficult.

Why was this done? According to administrative sources, on the one hand there is a democracy day parade on the Red Road and on the other hand this traffic arrangement has been made for security reasons. Like every time, a special parade has been organized on Red Road. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and new Governor of Bengal CV Anand Bose will be present there. The parade will continue for one and a half hours. Even 17 will join it with students. Today, Wednesday is the final rehearsal.

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