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Time to turn down some good offers Time to turn down some good offers

Pune2 hours ago

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Call it a graduation or post-graduation degree if you like, but they are bettering themselves by attending their classes, just like a career-conscious corporate executive does in the world of jobs. First he went to Jamtara in Jharkhand, Mewat in Haryana or Alwar in Rajasthan and beginners school in Bharatpur to understand career difficulties.

They are now going abroad to bring rigor in their work so that they can compete in the global market. Yes, cyber thieves who started online fraud are now traveling to Nigeria to learn new skills. There are many schools which offer cybercrime education and also conduct practical classes. Teaches how to defraud people using other cyber scams including hacking-phishing. They are also taught how to read by doing this. They are taught how to get your target’s contact information. In the demonstration, the ‘students’ or ‘interns’ are taught how to trap the targets by speaking well. These interns are also taught how to create fake social media profiles that look real.

The cyber investigation team says the lessons being taught in Nigeria are meant to target people in the West. What does this have to do with us? You must be thinking so. Three or four times, those investigating online frauds run from Ahmedabad found that the suspects had traveled to African countries. The increase in incidents of education fraud, OTP fraud, job fraud in Bangalore and Mumbai tells a different story. It seems that practical lessons are being used on us. The Ahmedabad authorities also found that the suspects had camped in Uttamnagar in Delhi after training. It is in a densely populated area of ​​the capital.

So what to do to avoid these thieves who roam around us, who have mastered the art of finding our personal information? I am telling you two things, which you will say I already knew. But the reality is that despite the knowledge, they do not follow it. First, never respond to calls, SMS, emails etc. or click on any link asking to update KYC. It would be better to go to the bank yourself. Most of the times when I inquired with the bank, I was told that they had not asked to update the KYC. Second, don’t leave your credit or debit card out of sight when paying at any place, no matter how reputable the establishment.

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