Tipu Sultan: Tipu Sultan’s sword fetches Rs. 140 crores at auction..These are its special features.. Pipa News

Tipu Sultan: Tipu Sultan’s sword fetches Rs. 140 crores at auction..These are its special features..

Tipu Sultan: There have been many instances of antiques fetching huge prices at auctions. Some people are very interested in buying these. As a result, the value of these will be recorded in the auction. But Tippu Sultan’s sword, which ruled the Mysore region, recently set a new record in the auction. Known as the Mysore Tiger, this Sultan’s used sword was sold for Rs 140 crores alone. It holds the record for the highest priced Islamic item in India. The auction was conducted by the famous auction house Bonhams.

Tipu Sultan ruled the Mysore region from 1782 to 1799. This sword has a strong connection with Tipu Sultan. Tipu famously used rocket cannons in wars against neighboring states and the East India Company. The price of his sword speaks volumes for its historical significance. Tipu Sultan, reflecting interest in his legacy. It is one of the most remarkable weapons associated with him, still privately owned.

This sword is made of steel. It has a gold bracelet called Sukhela which symbolizes power. This sword was designed by Mughal swordsmiths in the style of German blades that spread to India in the 16th century. Oliver White, head of Islamic and Indian art at Bonhams, said the sword was unique because of its close association with Tipu Sultan, its fascinating history and its exceptional craftsmanship.

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* God’s messages on the sword

The sword hilt has a hilt decorated with detailed golden calligraphy representing the attributes of God. Also includes powerful prayers. Tipu Sultan used to keep this sword with him while sleeping in his safe bedchamber. He was always ready to defend himself against any attack.

* Mallya bought for Rs.1.5 crore

After Tipu Sultan’s defeat in the Battle of Seringapatnam on 4 May 1799, the sword was found in his private rooms. It was presented to Major General David Baird by the East India Company Army in recognition of his bravery and leadership during the attack that led to the death of Tipu Sultan. The sword was later loaned to the British Museum in London, after which Vijay Mallya bought it for Rs 1.5 crore. But Mallya decided to get rid of the knife in 2016. He said that his family believed that this sword brought them bad luck. As of 2018, the whereabouts of this sword is unknown. Mallya’s lawyers also said they did not know where the sword was.

But at the latest auction held by Bonhams, the sword sold for an astonishing £14 million. Details of seller and buyer are not disclosed. Bonhams has highlighted the knife’s extraordinary history, craftsmanship and craftsmanship.

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