Tipu Sultan’s sword, which created a record for being sold for crores of rupees! Pipa News

Tipu Sultan’s sword, which created a record for being sold for crores of rupees!

New Delhi: Tipu Sultan.. Hearing this name, even one’s ears stand up. Although 200-300 years have passed since his death, Tipu Sultan, who is still in vogue and often causes controversies, is the ruler of Mysore who was once known as the Tiger of Mysuru. The name of Tipu Sultan, which was in the news for the past few years for political reasons, is now in the news for a different matter.

Yes. Many of the items used by Tipu Sultan who ruled Mysore in the 18th century have been preserved in various museums. The sword which was used by Tipu Sultan of Mysore was recently bought by Vijay Mallya who was a liquor magnate in 2004. At that time, Tipu Sultan’s sword, which had been bought for Rs 1.5 crore, was with Vijay Mallya. Now that sword is up for auction.

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Sale for 140 crores

Yes.. The sword used by Tipu Sultan was auctioned in London and sold for 14 million pounds ($17.4 million) which is equivalent to 140 crore rupees in Indian value. Thus, the price of Tipu Sultan’s sword is seven times higher than this hindi. The auction was called by action house Bonhams. Now it has given information about what has been sold in that auction. Also, Bonhams said that this sword used by Tipu Sultan is very important.

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Oliver White, head of Bonhams, said, “This magnificent sword in the hands of a private individual is one of the greatest of all the weapons associated with Tipu Sultan. Tipu Sultan had a very personal association with it. From the day it is captured, one can learn about its origin, the excellent craftsmanship used during its construction. It is very amazing and attractive.


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