TMC star MP Satabdi Roy backs Tollywood actors whose name comes up link to the teacher recruitment scam Pipa News

TMC star MP Satabdi Roy backs Tollywood actors whose name comes up link to the teacher recruitment scam

Nandan Dutta, Siuri: One name after another in the acting-modeling world is getting involved with the Teacher Recruitmenmt scam case. Central investigators have looked at the entertainment world. The arrested people are talking about Tollywood yoga to assert their power. In the midst of the recent controversy, Trinamool star MP Shatabdi Roy stood by Tollywood actors and actresses. Rupoli said from his long experience in screen work, “No one associates with anyone by looking at the certificate of local SP or BDO anymore. But the more trouble you can avoid, the better. It is a profession, he has to take it professionally.”

He entered the arena of politics from the world of cinema. But now he has given himself completely to politics. Professional actress and director Shatabdi Roy does not talk much about the world even though she is related to acting. But recently, the names of several new actors and actresses of Tolipara have been linked with some of those caught by ED, CBI in recruitment corruption.

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On Saturday, in the ‘Didir Suraksha Kabach’ (Didir Suraksha kabach) program at Bujung village in Nalhati, Birbhum MP (TMC MP) stood next to Tollywood artists. He said, “Actors and actresses do not always know everything.” Do you see the producer’s income certificate? Where do you see him making an income? Or is it our job to see? Usually what the producer does is known. Then the work begins. With proof, with Aadhaar card, if he has a loan at the grocery store in the neighborhood, no one takes a picture. So actors and actresses go about their work, that’s what they do. Many times if there is a complaint it is not known right away. It will be known later.”

[আরও পড়ুন: DA ধর্মঘটে শামিল হওয়ার জের, রাজ্যের বিভিন্ন স্কুলে শিক্ষকদের ঢুকতেই দিলেন না অভিভাবকরা!]

The MP and the actress were asked about the investment of illegal money in Tollywood. Shatabdi Roy said, “No one comes to film by saving mine money. There is only one rule in Hollywood, Bollywood and Tollywood. Businesses invest in the hope of making money. Those who have more money come to film.” His answer to this question, “It’s not that I say be careful. What does that mean? He will not go to any of his own events. Will not go there and take pictures with anyone. If you go there and become friends with someone, you cannot invite him to his house. Then the village will be empty to choose thugs. It is a profession. He should keep in touch with good people.”

[আরও পড়ুন: ফিল্ম ফেয়ারে সেরা মিঠুন চক্রবর্তী, নজর কাড়ল ‘দোস্তজী’, ‘বল্লভপুরের রূপকথা’, দেখে নিন পুরো তালিকা]

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