TMC stood third in Meghalaya assembly election 2023 – News18 Bangla Pipa News

TMC stood third in Meghalaya assembly election 2023 – News18 Bangla

Meghalaya: The Trinamool Congress is third in the first fight, with which the political circles feel that another equation is going to be created in Meghalaya politics. The National People’s Party got 31.42 percent of the votes. The United Democratic Party got 16.24 percent of the vote. Trinamool Congress polled 13.79 percent. This is the first time that the Trinamool Congress has contested in the Meghalaya Assembly elections, in 56 seats. A first-time third-place finish is going to be politically significant. The BJP has significantly fallen behind in terms of vote percentage.

According to the percentage of votes Congress got 13 votes. 17 percent. Others polled 9.78 percent. BJP polled 9.30 percent. In other words, BJP is in fifth place in terms of vote percentage. Not only this, BJP has bagged two seats in Meghalaya. In other words, the seats of BJP did not change much in the Meghalaya Assembly elections. However, the Trinamool Congress won five seats in the first election. According to the political circles, the third position in terms of the percentage of votes in the first election is politically significant. According to Election Commission statistics, Trinamool Congress has secured second or third place in several seats. Although most of these 5 constituencies are from the Garo hill region.

Former Meghalaya Chief Minister and Trinamool Congress leader Mukul Sangma won from one seat but lost from another. He contested in total two seats. According to Election Commission statistics, the Trinamool Congress in Meghalaya came second or third in several seats. In that case, the political circles believe that this result will help a lot in making the organization of Trinamool Congress in the coming days. Although the All India General Secretary of Meghalaya Trinamool Congress Abhishek Banerjee was supposed to come, he canceled his visit. All in all, Trinamool Congress made its debut in Meghalaya politics.

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