Todays Horoscope : Today’s Rashi Prediction 2nd March 2023, Accepted works of people of this Rashi will be successful – Todays Astrology Horoscope Rashi Bhavishya 2nd March 2023 in Marathi Pipa News

Todays Horoscope : Today’s Rashi Prediction 2nd March 2023, Accepted works of people of this Rashi will be successful – Todays Astrology Horoscope Rashi Bhavishya 2nd March 2023 in Marathi

Today’s horoscope prediction. Know how your day will go today, people of this zodiac sign will travel far for work.

Todays Horoscope : Today's Horoscope 2nd March 2023, Accepted works of people of this zodiac sign will be successful.

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Mumbai: In astrology (Astrology) Horoscopes predict different periods. Daily horoscope gives predictions of daily happenings, while weekly, monthly and yearly horoscopes predict the week, month and year respectively. Daily Horoscope (Today’s Rashibhavishya Marathi) This is a prediction based on the movement of the planets-Nakshatra, in which all the zodiac signs (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces) are described in detail. While drawing this kundli the panchanga equation is analyzed along with the planet-nakshatras. Daily horoscope gives you job, business, business, relationship with family and friends, health and auspicious and inauspicious events of the day.

Today’s horoscope of twelve zodiac signs


Be careful not to sever relationships with siblings. Control your speech otherwise there is a chance of misunderstanding. There will be conflicts in the job. In some cases, mental stress will arise. Important decisions in business should be avoided today. Maintain limits in relations with relatives. There is a possibility of deterioration of health due to mental stress. Disputes should be avoided in family life. Possibly long journeys will be harmful. Avoid travel.

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Your reputation will rise in the intellectual field. You will get an opportunity to show your competence in employment. Your inherent talents will have a good atmosphere. There will be spiritual and religious writing. The unemployed will get employment. Business environment will be good. There are yogas of sudden gain. Inheritance cases will be resolved. The marriages of the aspirants will be arranged. The offspring will understand the good news. Will get support from spouses.


The supremacy of the enemy will increase. Opponents will not take the opportunity to take action in the job. Expenditure will increase more than income in business. Devi will not get support as it is traveling through an inauspicious position. Questions about Vastu, works will linger. Care should be taken not to spoil the family atmosphere. Words should be measured while speaking, otherwise there is a possibility of hurting the other person. Loss in business is possible. The condition will remain stable. Take care of health.


Take up new activities. You will have the company of big people and will benefit from good thoughts. You may get new responsibilities at work. Research work is likely to be done by you. There will be good profit in business. But there are yogas of disrepute. Some are likely to get a promotion or a pay rise. There will be an increase in love affairs. Take care that mental health will not deteriorate. New acquaintances will benefit. There will be sudden financial gains.

Old property issues will arise suddenly. Dinman will be mixed fruitful. The work environment will be misunderstanding. You will have to bear the displeasure of your superiors. Expectations of work from seniors will increase. There is a possibility of cheating in business. Don’t rely too much on a new acquaintance. Family atmosphere will not be disturbed. Pay attention to this. Expected works are likely to be stopped. Activities of opponents will increase. So there are yogas to increase stress. There is a possibility that the enemy will prevail.


There will be a good opportunity for responsibility in the job. Your latent qualities will shine brightly. As your performance is proven, you will establish prestige and dominance in the public mind. Business is likely to flourish. New plans can be implemented. Will get great support from elder brother. Sudden benefits will come. Family atmosphere will be good and pleasant. It is a good day for language study, bibliography. Students will progress academically. There is a possibility of getting honorable awards for research work.

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Expenditure is likely to increase more than financial income. Don’t stand bail for someone else otherwise there is a possibility of fraud. You can achieve success in some cases by using Chanyakyaniti. There will be economic upliftment in trade employment but the expenditure ratio will also increase. You will be able to complete your favorite choices. There will be a tendency towards entertainment. An auspicious event will happen in the family. There will be a possibility of promotion in the job. There is a possibility that your political and social reputation will deteriorate. Expenditure on a senior member of the family is likely.


There will be visitation of big and dignified persons. You will gain the favor of your superiors in the job. The dream of getting a new place will come true. Will be appreciated in the job. But don’t give in to the temptation. Make a new plan in business. Start a new venture. Confidence and morale will remain elevated. Progeny will be healthy. Long term investment in shares will be profitable. Elderly persons in the house have to be taken care of. The loan request will be approved. Honor and reputation will increase.


It would be appropriate to take care that there is no misunderstanding between husband and wife. You have to work hard in the job. However, there is a possibility of misunderstanding or slander against you. There will be a possibility of increasing mental stress. There is a possibility of bad immorality at hand. There will be loss in land acquisition. Handle financial matters carefully.


There is a possibility of promotion and salary increase in the job. There will be unexpected benefits. You will be able to overcome the opponent. Prove your dominance. Opponents will be aggressive in business. You will be successful in managing it. Financial condition will be good. You will get support from friends. Accepted tasks will be successful. Interesting events will happen. Financial income will increase. Long distance travel should be avoided as much as possible. Drive slowly. New schemes will get good response today. Participate in social work. The overall atmosphere of the family will be pleasant.


Take your own discretion in employment. Promotion is likely. New opportunities will find new ways. Avoid the narrow mindedness that will get people in the political field. Your reputation will increase. Success in work will boost your morale. Beware of addictions. Health of sick persons will improve. It is an auspicious day for government work. There will be a trend towards metaphysics. Marital problems are likely to arise. Try to maintain harmony with spouse.


Will visit Deodharma and religious places. There will be long journeys for work. Travel will be beneficial. There is a possibility of happiness in the spiritual field. There is a yoga of luck and you will get the company of dignitaries and big people. Your tactics will be successful. Satsang will happen. The marriages of the aspirants will match. Plans will be successful in business. The worship of God will tend towards it. Family atmosphere in the house will be good. Business industry will increase.

(The above information is provided from available sources. We do not make any claims about its facts, nor do we endorse superstitions)


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