Toronto Star nominated for two national business awards

The Toronto Star has received two nominations for the Society for Advancing Business Editing and Writing (SABEW) this year. Canada Best Business Awards.

The Star’s Richard Warnicka is nominated in the feature (long form) category for his story Toronto’s airport is now the worst in the world for delays.

While Star’s Christine Dubey is nominated in the package category for her series Risky Business.

“Canada’s major pension funds control hundreds of billions of dollars in assets, but how they spend that money is often difficult for average pensioners and contributors to see or understand,” said Dubey. “We set out to shed new light on that with this series and I’m delighted to see it recognized in this way.”

“Both of these nominations reflect work that demonstrates the Star’s mission to provide in-depth, impactful business journalism, exploring issues that matter every day,” said Ann Marie Owens, editor-in-chief of the Toronto Star. impacting the lives of average Canadian families.” .

SABEW said they received a record number of entries of around 200 in total.

Winners will be announced on July 11.

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