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Traffic Diversion in Vijayawada on Republic day celebrations

Many people travel from Hyderabad to Vijayawada regularly. People from Vijayawada also come and go to Bhagyanagara. However, on the occasion of January 26th Republic Day, massive arrangements are being made for the Republic Day celebrations on the 26th of this month at the Vijayawada Indira Gandhi Municipal Corporation Stadium. NTR District Police Commissioner TK Rana said in a statement on Tuesday that traffic restrictions are being imposed in this order. These restrictions will be in effect from Thursday morning till 12 noon.

During the restrictions, no vehicles will be allowed from Benzi Circle to RTC Y Junction, from Red Circle to RTA Junction, from Shikhamani Center to Veterinary Junction. They said that only invitees will be allowed from Benzi Circle to DCP Bungalow. These restrictions are being imposed for the convenience of the people.

On the other hand, heavy and medium vehicles traveling from Hyderabad to Visakhapatnam should follow Ibrahimpatnam, G. Kondur, Mylavaram, Nujiveedu, Hanuman Junction route. Similarly, heavy and medium vehicles plying from Visakhapatnam to Chennai will have to follow Hanuman Junction, Gudivada, Palmeru, Avanigadda, Raypalle, Bapatla, Cherala, Trovagunta, Ongolu route.

Vehicles traveling from Guntur to Visakhapatnam should follow the route of Budampadu, Tenali, Vemuru, Kollur, Vellathur Junction, Penumudi Bridge, Avanigadda, Palmeru, Gudivada, Hanuman Junction. On the other hand, vehicles traveling from Chennai to Hyderabad should follow Medarametla, Addanki, Piduguralla, Nadikudi, Miryalaguda, Nalgonda, Narketpally route.

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