TRS Vs BJP: Intense Flexi War .. Anti-Modi cutouts spread to districts .. | Flexi Fight intensifies between TRS and BJP in Hyderabad, as PM Modi is coming soon to visit Hyderabad on 2nd July

TRS ranks are setting up flexis against Modi across the state in the wake of Prime Minister Narendra Modi coming to Hyderabad. “Salu Modi .. Sampaku Modi” with the tagline “Bye bye Modi” ..

Telangana Politics: The war of political flexibilities has intensified in Telangana. Criticisms of TRS-BJP leaders and every criticism going to extreme flexi… has now become a topic of discussion in the state. This war of flexes started across the state in the background of the BJP national executive meeting. The ongoing TRS-BJP flexi war in Hyderabad has also spread to the districts. In the background of Prime Minister Narendra Modi coming to Hyderabad, TRS ranks are organizing flexi against Modi across the state. With the tag line “Salu Modi.. Sampaku Modi” Bye Bye Modi.. Recently, TRS ranks organized huge flexi in Manchiryala district. Arranging anti-Modi flexes in the main squares of Chennoor constituency has become a topic of discussion. As posters against Modi are being displayed in the districts from Hyderabad, the politics in those areas has suddenly heated up. Both parties are criticizing each other on social media.

Recently, the BJP ranks in Hyderabad set up flexis against the CM KCR saying “year aristocracy .. holiday aristocracy”. The BJP has set up a display with a digital countdown at the party state office in Nagercoil. With this, the TRS ranks have also set up huge flexis saying “Salu Modi .. Sampaku Modi” bye Modi.

However, the GHMC officials removed the digital display board placed at the BJP state office as unauthorized. It is known that a fine has also been imposed. After that, TRS leaders are setting up flexi and hoardings against Modi to counter BJP’s campaign and criticism.

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