Two-year-old pug with skin infection thrown from vehicle owners booked

Mumbai (June 30): How much love does the household have for a pet dog (Dog)? A very cute pet dog is carefully looked after by the family. It is like bringing home a baby when it is still there, it also becomes a small child inside the house. Does being a dog make a difference in affection? But now an incident that has been reported is very inhumane and has caused the outrage of animal lovers. A not-yet-grown puppy is thrown from a moving vehicle. A two-year-old black puppy was thrown from a moving car after its owner discovered the pug was suffering from a skin problem. This inhuman incident took place in the waiting city of Sion.

Case filed against three

The incident has provoked animal rights activists and concerned residents. He has filed a complaint against Pug’s owners Avinash Jadhav and Sachin Jadhav, Pooja Haldankar. The three are residents of the city of Zion’s counterattack.

A dog that was tied up outside the house

According to the police, the pug was tied outside its house for the past few days. Its condition had deteriorated due to the neglect of the owner. After seeing the plight of the pet, some residents suggested taking the pug to Bai Sakarbai Dinsha Petit Animal Veterinarian in Parel.

The dog was not taken to the hospital

“Jadhav admitted it but did not come with the dog to the hospital,” said a police officer at the Wadala TT police station.

After a few days, the dog was lost

Later on June 15, when locals went to inquire about the pet, it was not found at home. Subsequently, they enlisted the help of animal rights activists to trace its whereabouts.

“The family started lying to us and avoiding us. One of its owners, Pooja Haldankar, told us that the dog was kept in Uran. But, when we requested her to make a video call, she did not. Even after ten days, none of them could bring the dog.

The dog was thrown from the moving car

Finally, when we threatened them to report the incident to the police, they admitted that they had thrown the dog from a running car in Sion’s Pratiksa City area,” said Lina Soz, an animal rights activist.

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The Wadala Truck Terminus (TT) police registered a case against the owner under Indian Penal Code (IPC) Sections 289 (negligent behavior towards animals) and 34 (common intention) and Section 11 (cruelty and cruelties and). A case has been registered under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960) cases of cruelty to domesticated and wild animals.

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