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Things have changed in Maharashtra as the Supreme Court has given the green signal for a forensic examination tomorrow. Uddhav Thackrey resigns as Shiv Sena, Congress, NCP coalition government Shivaji Maharaj will continue the legacy .. Balasaheb said that the aspirations have been fulfilled. Sonia Gandhi thanks Sharad Pawar for helping run the government. He said he shared his thoughts with the ministers at the cabinet meeting. Many of them are said to have been missed. He said good luck to their government. He said Shiv Sena had faced many crises in the past. The court said it would respect the orders. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture. The Rebel MLAs were told they had been given what they wanted. He said those who drive auto rickshaws and handcarts have been made MPs. He said he would like to thank the governor, but said he had some lists pending with him for two and a half years. To all those who rebelled .. I want to ask them who you are upset with.

Earlier, the apex court had issued a landmark judgment in the wake of the Maharashtra political crisis. In the wake of Governor Koshyari’s order to the Maharashtra government to take force in the Assembly tomorrow .. there is a general panic over the Supreme Court verdict. After hearing the arguments of both the parties, the apex court directed the governor to implement the directives to conduct a forensic examination tomorrow. The Supreme Court refused to impose a stay on the forensic examination. Stated that interim orders could not be issued on the forensic examination. With this, the line was cleared for the forensic examination to be held at 11 am tomorrow. The Supreme Court has allowed 16 MLAs facing disqualification charges to cast their votes in the by-poll.

Earlier in the day, Singhvi on behalf of Shiv Sena and Neerath Krishna Kaul on behalf of Shinde were heard in the Supreme Court. Kaul, a lawyer for Shinde, argued that the forcible trial should never be delayed and that the only way to avoid political neglect and bargaining was to conduct a forensic examination. He said there was no need to postpone the forensic examination on the grounds that the issue of disqualification hunting on MLAs was being delayed. On behalf of the Shiv Sena, advocate Singhvi argued that the disqualification of 16 MLAs should be allowed to be forcibly examined.

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Singhvi told the court that he had received information about the forensic examination today and that it was unfair to give only one day for forensic examination. Singhvi told the apex court that the Rebel MLAs had been forcibly screened to save them, adding that some of their MLAs were abroad and two MLAs were infected with corona. Singhvi questioned how the forensic examination would be conducted in this situation. Singhvi asked the Supreme Court to disclose its decision on July 11 on the forensic examination. However, the Supreme Court agreed with the argument of Shinde’s lawyer. The line was cleared for the forensic examination tomorrow. However, with the resignation of CM Uddhav Thackeray before the coup, the Maharashtra political crisis is almost over. The BJP, which is currently the largest party in Maharashtra, is likely to be invited by the governor to form the government.

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